Pediatric Trauma Care

Pedtrauma is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded in 1998 in Athens by a small number of doctors and parents. Its sole purpose is to raise awareness on children's accidents in Greece, reduce their number and severity and to improve care once an accident has occurred.

Trauma Centers

We open Trauma Centers in all the major Public Children’s Hospitals in Athens and throughout Greece.

Upgrade and Equipment of Paediatric Departments

We upgrade and equip the Paediatric Departments and Clinics of the Hospitals and the Health Centers with the necessary machinery.

Medical Seminars Program "Leonidas Georgopoulos"

We help finance seminars where specialized doctors train surgeons, doctors, nurses, and Ambulance Paramedics on how to help the injured children the fastest and best way possible.

Education on Trauma Prevention

We visit schools and talk to children, teachers and parents about how to prevent accidents from occurring.

The total cost of “Pediatric Trauma Care’s” project from May 2010 to the present date amounts to € 2.696.998,76, which includes the necessary Machinery and Equipment provided to the following Hospitals, the partial financing of Medical Seminars as well as the Education on Trauma Prevention at schools.

Hospitals Total
“Aghia Sophia” Children’s HospitalRead more € 275.160,05
“Paidon Pentelis” Children’s HospitalRead more € 200.123,35
”Pan. & Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s HospitalRead more € 87.631,89
”Ippocration” Thessaloniki’s General HospitalRead more € 144.824,78
University Hospital of Irakleion-Crete “PAGNI”Read more € 259.469,94
General University Hospital of AlexandroupolisRead more € 65.707,00
General Hospital of ArtaRead more € 23.924,89
”Andreas Papandreou” General Hospital in RhodesRead more € 90.238,19
General Hospital of Syros “Vardakeio and Proio”Read more € 37.479,00
”Axillopouleio” General Hospital in VolosRead more € 32.143,42
General Hospital of LamiaRead more € 16.196,73
“Karamandaneio” General Hospital of PatrasRead more € 78.855,52
University General Hospital of LarissaRead more € 40.947,32
Aretaieio HospitalRead more € 7.016,40
Hospital of KastellorizoRead more € 8.962,53
”Vostanio” General Hospital in MytiliniRead more € 9.440,25
General Hospital of Samos ”Aghios Panteleimon”Read more € 25.011,02
General Hospital of LerosRead more € 33.712,38
General Hospital of KilkisRead more € 35.272,08
Corfu General HospitalRead more € 64.753,73
”Skylitseio” General Hospital of ChiosRead more € 50.129,08
General Hospital of KarpenisiRead more € 40.000,00
Health Center in SifnosRead more € 1.200,00
Health Center Karlovasiou in SamosRead more € 6.726,79
General Hospital of Zakynthos ”Aghios Dionysios”Read more € 19.164,79
General Hospital of Pyrgos ”Andreas Papandreou”Read more € 53.122,20
General Hospital of ChalkidikiRead more € 36.117,40
General Hospital of LivadeiaRead more € 12.916,56
General Hospital of LarissaRead more € 32.266,25
Health Center of Ebona in RhodesRead more € 4.781,48
Health Center of HydraRead more € 6.699,60
General Hospital of Ioannina “G. Hatzikosta”Read more € 25.662,82
General Hospital of SerresRead more € 21.102,66
General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Gennimatas – Ο Aghios Dimitrios”Read more € 9.870,70
Health Center of SamothrakiRead more € 9.425,80
General Hospital of TrikalaRead more € 25.886,19
General Hospital of KarditsaRead more € 4.664,50
University General Hospital “ATTIKON”Read more € 31.522,45
General Hospital of KastoriaRead more € 15.744,60
University General Hospital of IoanninaRead more € 27.264,34
General Hospital – Health Center of FiliatesRead more € 14.261,80
General Hospital of RethymnoRead more € 39.345,15
General Hospital of Chania “St. George”Read more € 33.423,13
Health Center of PaxosRead more € 10.242,90
General Hospital of VeriaRead more € 15.000,00
General Hospital of ChalkidaRead more € 1.600,00
General Hospital of Ptolemaida “Mpodosakeio”Read more € 9.624,58
General Hospital of Pella – Hospital Unit of EdessaRead more € 12.842,04
Health Center of IthacaRead more € 7.651,03
General Hospital of KateriniRead more € 10.650,46
General Hospital of Argolida – Hospital Unit of NafplioRead more € 11.956,36
General Hospital – Health Center of KarystosRead more € 11.913,67
General Hospital – Health Center of KythiraRead more € 6.246,02
Health Center of Prinos (Thassos)Read more € 5.989,02
General Hospital of GrevenaRead more € 26.508,98
General Hospital of PrevezaRead more € 6.395,91
Health Center of SkiathosRead more € 2.254,50
General Hospital of Florina “Eleni Th. Dimitriou”Read more € 23.563,19
General Hospital of Aghios NikolaosRead more € 7.994,22
General Hospital of Cephalonia “Aghios Gerasimos”Read more € 24.055,12
General Hospital of Argolida – Hospital Unit of ArgosRead more € 10.742,88
Health Center of GalatasRead more € 6.924,24
Regional Health Center of TilosRead more € 773,92
General Hospital of NaoussaRead more € 2.140,81
General Hospital of AmfissaRead more € 22.087,49
General Hospital of Kozani “Mamatsio”Read more € 29.215,83
General Hospital of Tripolis “Evaggelistria”Read more € 20.700,00
General Hospital of DidymoteichoRead more € 3.166,37
General Hospital of AmaliadaRead more € 13.511,26
“Tzaneio” General Hospital of PiraeusRead more € 14.488,39
General Hospital – Health Center of KymiRead more € 11.937,66
General Hospital of AgrinioRead more € 27.867,88
General Hospital of DramaRead more € 11.532,00
Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in KypseliRead more € 2.000,00
Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in NikaiaRead more € 2.000,00
“Paediatric Emergency Ruler”Read more € 3.133,48
E.K.A.V. (Ambulance Service)Read more € 3.813,00
Athens Nursing Home-Merciful Society of AthensRead more € 1.455,00
Other OrganizationsRead more € 6.010,00
APLS Hellas (Advanced Paediatric Life Support “APLS” Seminars) – Medical Seminars Program “Leonidas Georgopoulos”Read more € 107.341,79
Education on Trauma PreventionRead more € 143.500,00
Total cost for the project of “Pediatric Trauma Care”Read more € 2.696.998,76
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Current Requests

Please find here attached a list of the requirements of medical equipment for the Paediatric Departments of Hospitals, for the program ‘’Training of Medical and Nursing Staff in Paediatric Trauma Care and also for the program ‘’Education on Trauma Prevention’’.

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GOLD award for our Charity at the Healthcare Business Awards 2021

Our Charity was awarded a significant distinction for the fifth consecutive year at the Healthcare Business Awards 2021, which was organized by Boussias Communications and Health Daily. Pedtrauma was presented with the GOLD award in the category “Health offerings by NGOs”.

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Announcement for the General Hospital of Aitoloakarnania – Hospital Unit of Agrinio

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have equipped the 41st Trauma Center in Greece, in the General Hospital of Aitoloakarnania – Hospital Unit of Agrinio, with funds provided by MYTILINEOS S.A.

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Trauma Prevention at School

Young children are, by nature, full of curiosity, and their sense of danger is not fully developed, which is why they are particularly prone to accidents. Growing up, while they do develop a sense of danger, they are also influenced by other factors, such as the need to show off, a reaction to laws and to the advice of adults, and the appeal of adventure, which results in them still remaining accident-prone. For these reasons, it is important that they learn from a young age how to protect themselves (and not to put themselves in harm’s way).

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