General Hospital of Grevena

10/2019Trauma Center (Sponsor: ”OTE Group of Companies”)€ 26.508,98
Total:€ 26.508,98

February 2020


It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have renovated and equipped the 31st Trauma Center in Greece, in the General Hospital of Grevena, thanks to a donation to our Charity by OTE Group.


The medical and nursing staff of the Paediatric Clinic of the General Hospital of Grevena would like to express our warmest thanks for the complete, state of the art remodeling of the Paediatric Trauma Center as well as the donation of a full range of medical equipment. The value of this donation, for the provision of first aid to our paediatric patients, the working conditions of the medical and nursing staff, as well as the psychology of our small patients and their parents, is incalculable. We would therefore like to inform you of the pleasant surprise, admiration and gratitude of the children and their parents.

Your excellent work and selfless generosity gives us strength and courage to continue our work. Your Charity, your President and collaborators are a bright light for the provincial health infrastructure, reminding us that there are still people out there with a vision and the desire to help.

Despina Tzira
Paediatrician – Intensivist
General Hospital of Grevena


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