”Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital

Portable Ventilator (Sponsor: Samourka Foundation)
€ 6.655,00
Fiberoptic bronchoscope with recording system
€ 44.280,00
Laptop to be used with bronchoscope
€ 600,00
Portable EEG (Electroencephalography)
€ 15.879,30
03/07/122 Blood Pressure Monitors € 4.674,00
11/01/13Exhaled NO analyzer for asthmatic children (Sponsor: National Bank of Greece) € 3.259,50
18/02/132 Oximeters (Sponsor: National Bank of Greece) € 2.183,00
18/02/131 Oximeter (Sponsor: Alpha Bank) € 1.091,50
18/02/13Laptop for the Polysomnography equipment with capnometer and video (pediatric sleep laboratory) (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece) € 569,45
18/02/13Polysomnography equipment with capnometer and video (pediatric sleep laboratory) (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece) € 23.631,20
01/03/13Equipment for the Pulmonary Function Lab (Sponsor: OTE-COSMOTE) € 44.895,00
13/03/132 Blood Pressure Monitors (Sponsor: National Bank of Greece) € 4.674,00
01/04/132 Oximeters (Sponsor:The Helping Hand) € 2.183,00
05/2013Upgrade of current videobronchoscopy system with flexible bronschoscope for infants (2.2mm)(Sponsor: TIMA Charitable Foundation) € 25.830,00
Chlorocheck (Sponsor:OTE – COSMOTE)
€ 10.510,97
10/2015Portable capnograph with oximeter (Sponsor: Grace Foundation)€ 3.367,74
05/2017Consumables (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.)€ 1.163,40
02/20182 Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors (Sponsor: GOODY’S)€ 4.836,00
 Neonatal Unit Level II 
06/2016Monitor (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.)€ 4.092,00
06/2016Monitor (Sponsor: InterMedica)€ 4.092,00
06/2016Monitor (Sponsor :”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”)€ 4.092,00
02/2017Neonatal incubator (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.)€ 8.556,00
05/2017Neonatal incubator (Sponsor: VISA)€ 8.556,00
05/2017Neonatal resuscitation unit (Sponsor: VISA)€ 10.168,00
05/2017Jaundice meter (Sponsor: Attiki odos S.A.)€ 3.596,00
06/2017Monitor (Sponsor: Novartis Hellas)€ 4.092,00
02/20182 Monitors (Sponsor: GOODY’S)€ 8.184,00
05/2018Neonatal respiratory support device (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A., HELLENIC HYPERMARKETS SKLAVENITIS S.A)€ 12.152,00
Paediatric Dermatology Unit
10/2019Equipment for the Paediatric Dermatology Unit (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.) € 4.797,00
10/2019 Office equipment (Sponsor: ”OTE Group of Companies”)
€ 272.660,05

May 2018


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have offered vital medical equipment to the Neonatal Unit Level II, of the 1st Pediatric Clinic of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, with funding provided by MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A., VISA, GOODY’S, NOVARTIS HELLAS, INTERMEDICA-TZANIDAKIS, ATTIKI ODOS S.A.

Photos of the equipment

aghia sofia thermokoitida ananipsis
Neonatal resuscitation
aghia sofia vrochoscope
aghia sofia thermokoitida nosilias
Neonatal incubator
aghia sofia monitor

aghia sofia cpap
aghia sofia pinakida


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