”Paidon Pentelis” Children’s Hospital

 Trauma Center 
27/05/11Trauma Center (Sponsor: John V. Vardinogiannis)€ 50.748,00
Toys and Furniture for the Psychiatric Ward (Sponsor: Davina and Christina Dutton)
€ 856,50
Photocopying machine (Sponsor: D.Vrecossis )
€ 492,00
Digital recording system
€ 4.999,95
8 Film X-Ray light board
€ 2.293,95
Portable monitor
€ 2.767,50
Portable ventilator (Sponsor: Samourka Foundation)
€ 6.396,00
Audiometry equipment
€ 2.900,00
59 covered food trays
€ 699,22
3 Oximeters (Sponsor: Attiki Odos SA)
09/2012Laparoscopic Tower (Sponsor: OTE-COSMOTE) € 31.611,00
04/02/13100 Babies Feeding Bottles (Sponsor: Chicco)
05/2013Fiberoptic Bronchoscope Olympus (Sponsor: TIMA Charitable Foundation)
€  19.680,00
Ultrasound system (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.)
€ 3.700,00
01/2016Portable Tympanometer€ 3.100,00
03/2017Mobile pediatric autorefractor (Sponsor: HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.)€ 8.200,00
06/2017Consumables (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.)€ 1.633,59
06/2017Bronchoscope (Sponsor: Hellenic Petroleum)€ 7.291,20
04/2018Consumables & medical equipment (used) (Sponsor: ATHINAIKI MEDICLINIC, INTERAMERICAN)€ 12.000,00
05/2018Electronic priority system (Sponsor: Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos)€ 6.175,20
07/2018Hospital Bed (used) (Sponsor: INTERAMERICAN)€ 1.500,00
12/2018Non-contact tonometer (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A., HELLENIC HYPERMARKETS SKLAVENITIS S.A)€ 7.688,00
12/2018Surgical monitor (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A., HELLENIC HYPERMARKETS SKLAVENITIS S.A)€ 4.910,40
01/2019Surgical equipment (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.)€ 4.303,48
07/2019Office equipment (Sponsor: ”OTE Group of Companies”)
02/2020Monitor (Sponsor: Attikes Diadromes S.A.)€ 1.307,58
02/20202 oximeters for neonatals & 2 oximeters for children (Sponsor: Attikes Diadromes S.A.)€ 1.434,68
02/2020Otoscope (Sponsor: Attikes Diadromes S.A.)€ 552,00
€ 187.240,25

June 2011


It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the opening of the first Trauma Center in Greece, in the Children’s Hospital “Paidon Pentelis” in Athens. The Trauma Center was funded by John V. Vardinogiannis.

Photos from the Trauma Center

tep paidon pentelis 1
tep paidon pentelis 2


tep paidon pentelis 3
tep paidon pentelis 4


Photos of the equipment

paidon pentelis inoptiko vrochoskopio
Fiberoptic Bronchoscope
paidon pentelis foritos tympanometritis
Portable Tympanometer
paidon pentelis vrochoscopio
paidon pentelis aerotonometro
Non-contact tonometer
paidon pentelis monitor
Surgical monitor
paidon pentelis xeirourgika
Surgical equipment


Photos of the Electronic Priority System

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