General Hospital – Health Center of Karystos

06/2019Equipment for the Trauma Center (Sponsor: Anonymous Donor)€ 6.420,67
06/2019Cradle (Sponsor: N.Papapostolou S.A.) € 744,00
11/2020Baby scale (Sponsor: Attikes Diadromes S.A.)€ 750,00
11/2020Otoacoustic emissions (ΟΑΕs) hearing device (Sponsor: Attikes Diadromes S.A.)€ 3.930,80
05/2021Air Nebulizer (Sponsor: BIO PRO Ltd.)€ 68,20
Total:€ 11.913,67

September 2019


It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have equipped the 28th Trauma Center in Greece, in the General Hospital – Health Center of Karystos, with funds provided by an Anonymous Donor.


According to the Dictionary of Common Greek of the Hellenic Language Center, a donation is “whatever is granted without remuneration or exchange, a sum of money, real estate or other property offered by someone to the state, to a public benefit foundation”. However, the work, and moreover the merit of the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” is philanthropy.

Philanthropy: is about initiatives of individuals who aim to improve the quality of life of people or communities, and/or alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings. This is what Pediatric Trauma Care does, by dealing with the immediate and correct treatment of children’s accidents. Philanthropy declares first of all their love for the child. Thank you very much.


Lasda Agori – Dimitra
General Hospital – Health Center of Karystos


“The Board of Directors and the staff of the General Hospital – Health Center of Karystos, would like to express its warmest thanks for the generous and extremely important upgrade of our paediatric medical equipment.

The upgrading of our Clinics, with regards to the treatment of paediatric emergencies, has created the appropriate infrastructure for the reduction of possible paediatric injuries and the improvement of the healthcare provided to children, a cause we hope you will continue to serve for many years to come.”

With many thanks,

Anastasios Michas
Deputy Director
G.H. – H.C. of Karystos


Air Nebulizer
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