General Hospital of Karpenisi

Trauma Center
02/2017Trauma Center (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 40.000,00
 Total:€ 40.000,00

January 2017


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we opened the thirteenth Trauma Center in Greece, in the General Hospital of Karpenisi. The Trauma Center was funded by OTE Group.


“…There is no feeling worse than having an injured or seriously ill child in front of you and not having the means to help it. You feel powerless. You feel the time pushing you. And you can’t really help.”

”It is with great privilege we welcome your generous donation that made the opening of a highly equipped Emergency Room at the Pediatrics Clinic of Karpenisi General Hospital possible. Our renovated facilities and new medical equipment directly improve the quality of medical diagnostics and thus medical assistance of the young patients and visitors of the remote region of Evrytania. It would be impossible for this project to be accomplished without your help in such difficult times for our country. We are grateful for the precious and timely support from the President and enthusiastic cooperation with the coordinators of the Pediatric Trauma Care Organization. It was, personally as well, a great pleasure working with you all the way through.”

Maria Pavlidou
Director of the Pediatric Department at Karpenisi General Hospital

Photos from the Trauma Center

Omilos OTE Ypodomes Ygeias Nosokomeio Karpenisi 4
Omilos OTE Ypodomes Ygeias Nosokomeio Karpenisi 3
Omilos OTE Ypodomes Ygeias Nosokomeio Karpenisi 1
Omilos OTE Ypodomes Ygeias Nosokomeio Karpenisi 2
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