“Achillopouleio” General Hospital in Volos

 Trauma Center 
01/20162 Oximeters  (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 1.343,16
01/2016Blood pressure monitor (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 1.329,63
01/2016ECG System (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 1.549,80
01/2016Ambu (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 287,58
01/2016Wall mounted diagnostic set (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 670,35
01/2016Vital signs monitor (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 2.756,44
01/20162 Laryngoscopes (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 1.168,50
01/2016Examination table (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 199,26
01/20162 Digital thermometers (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 59,04
01/2016Wheelchair (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 1.186,50
01/2016Rollator (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 44,07
01/2016Neonatal bed (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 725,70
01/2016Saver one (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 1.942,39
01/2016Neonatal ventilator (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 10.504,20
01/201610 Needles (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 984,00
01/2016Jaundice meter (Sponsor: Norton Rose Fulbright Greece)€ 3.400,00
07/2023Additional equipment for the Trauma Center (Sponsor: George Youroukos family)€ 1.013,00
 Paediatric Department 
07/2018Portable capnography monitor with oximeter (Sponsor: Dimitris Sofianopoulos)€ 3.100,00
07/20182 portable oximeters (Sponsor: Dimitris Sofianopoulos)€ 892,80
07/2023Additional equipment for the Paediatric Department (Sponsor: George Youroukos family)€ 7.414,00
07/2023Intraosseous Vascular Access System€ 1.060,20
 Total:€ 41.630,62


The doctors and nursing staff of our Department would like to warmly thank you for your immediate response to our requests. Your support and generous donation have been crucial for the smooth operation of our Department and the Trauma Center at “Achillopouleio” General Hospital in Volos, aiming to provide the best healthcare services to Paediatric patients.

Ioanna Tassiou
Paediatrician – Paediatric Intensivist
Attending Physician A’ of the Paediatric Department
“Achillopouleio” General Hospital in Volos

January 2016


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have fully equipped the seventh Trauma Center in Greece, in the “Achillopouleio” General Hospital in Volos. The Trauma Center was funded by the company ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’.


“The sensitivity you have showed responding immediately to our request is truly remarkable.You have been along our side with genuine concern and enviable patience.
Your contribution in making our every day easier is priceless and the presence of your offer is noticeable in every step we take.Words are small and “thank you’s” are little.
Godspeed to your work.With sincere gratitude.”

Logotheti Elena

Emergency Department “Achillopouleio” Hospital Volos


volos tep
Trauma Center
volos tep 2
Trauma Center
volos amaksidio peripatitiras kounia gia vrefoi
Wheelchair, rollator & neonatal bed
volos epitoicio diagnostiko set
Wall mounted diagnostic set
volos kapnografos
Capnography monitor with oximeter
volos oximetra
Portable oximeters

Photos (2023)

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