“Karamandaneio” General Hospital of Patras

 Trauma Center 
03/2016Trauma Center  (Sponsor: OTE Group )€ 70.000,00
Paediatric Allergy Unit
05/2021Equipment of the Paediatric Allergy Unit (Sponsor: THE HELLENIC INITIATIVE AUSTRALIA)€ 8.855,52
 Total:€ 78.855,52

October 2021


It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have equipped with the necessary machinery the Paediatric Allergy Unit of the Paediatric Department in the “Karamandaneio” General Hospital of Patras, with the support of “The Hellenic Initiative Australia”.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuous and sincere interest in the sick child, which is reflected through the donation of “THE HELLENIC INITIATIVE AUSTRALIA” and your Charity to the Paediatric Allergy Unit of the “Karamandaneio” Children’s Hospital.
The value of the donation is immeasurable both in the provision of specialised services to paediatric patients with paediatric allergy diseases, as well as in the training of the doctors of the Paediatric Department of the “Karamandaneio” General Hospital of Patras.”

Gabriela Feketea
Paediatrician – Paediatric allergist, ESY Consultant, Director of the Paediatric Allergy Unit, of the Paediatric Department of the “Karamandaneio” General Hospital of Patras.


“With this letter we would like to thank you for the PAEDIATRIC EMERGENCY RULER that we received. It is a very useful tool in the treatment of the severely injured child, which will remain in the Pαediatric Department of the “Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras and will greatly facilitate the work of the medical staff.

We look forward to our continued cooperation.”

The director of the Paediatric Department
Iliopoulou Maria

March 2016


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we opened the ninth Trauma Center in Greece, in the ‘’Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras. The Trauma Center was funded by OTE Group.

Inauguration of the Trauma Center

On Tuesday, April 19th 2016 the Trauma Center of the ‘’Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras was inaugurated. The Trauma Center was realized through the generous donation of the OTE Group.

The ceremony was attended by Mrs Stavroula Aggelopoulou Assistant Director of Corporate Responsibility of the OTE Group, Mrs Katerina Gatopoulou ,Governor of the ‘’Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras, Mr Dimitrios Pelekoudas, Deputy Mayor for Social Welfare and representative of the Mayor of Patras and by the President of the Charity ”Pedtrauma’’, Mrs Natasha Clive-Vrecossis.


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Photos from the Paediatric Allergy Unit

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