Hospital of Kastellorizo

04/2016Oximeter€ 442,80
04/2016Pressure gauge€ 282,90
04/2016Blood pressure monitor€ 2.214,00
04/2016Portable electrocardiograph€ 2.398,50
04/2016Ambu€ 427,50
04/2016Saver one€ 1.471,08
04/2016Aerochambers€ 108,00
04/2016Otoscope cones€ 75,60
04/2016Set of obstetric instruments€ 434,70
04/20163 Wall I-V stands€ 135,00
04/20162 Set air cushion splints for children€ 313,20
04/201620 Sterilized robes€ 90,00
04/2016Consumables€ 569,24
 Total:€ 8.962,53

April 2016


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have equipped the Hospital of Kastellorizo with the necessary machinery.


”Castellorizo is one of the most inaccessible islands of Greece, which means that the response time of the System takes far too long when it comes to the transportation of a patient to a health care facility of a higher level. This makes providing the Clinic of the island with all the necessary equipment, for it to be able to provide decent health care for a patient while they are hospitalized, a matter of vital importance. With the help of the non-profit organization “Pediatric Trauma Care” we have acquired advanced medical equipment that gives our Clinic a different “perspective”, and gives us the opportunity to provide the best possible health care to the residents of this island, as well as giving them a sense of security. We hope to have you by our side in the difficult times that lie ahead. Thank you very much!”

Ioannis Rantos & Bassar Moussa
Doctors, Hospital of Kastellorizo

Photos of the equipment

kastellorizo apinidotis
Saver one
kastellorizo xeirourgika ergaleia
Set of obstetric instruments
kastellorizo oksimetro
kastellorizo ilektoniko piesometro oksimetro
Blood pressure monitor

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