Accidents are the leading cause of children’s deaths in Greece.

“Pediatric Trauma Care” is a non profit Organisation whose mission is to help reduce the number and severity of children’s accidents in Greece. 

There are many types of accidents: road accidents, falls, poisoning, burns, drowning, asphyxiation,electrocution, etc. Each year approximately 500,000 children are injured in accidents , of which about 700 die and 3,000 suffer permanent disabilities.

In order to reduce this unbelievably high number “Pedtrauma” has organized and developed the following sectors:

Education of children on Trauma Prevention and the handing out of leaflets to this effect; Training and further education of doctors, nurses and paramedics through Advanced Paediatric Life Support seminars; Creation of Trauma Centers in the main Children’s Hospitals throughout Greece; and the Purchase of essential Medical Equipment needed by these Hospitals.

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