“Paediatric Emergency Ruler”

05/2019Sponsorship of “Paediatric Emergency Ruler” – 266 pcs. (Sponsor: Maria Giannousi-Sofianopoulou) 3.133,48
 Total:€ 3.133,48

The Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, with the generous donation of Mrs. Maria Giannousi-Sofianopoulou, funded the “Paediatric Emergency Ruler”, a scientific tool which is used for paediatric emergencies at the level of primary care. 

The “Paediatric Emergency Ruler” was translated for the first time into Greek by the Charity’s Scientific Advisor, Mrs. Aristoula Patsoura (MD, Director in “Pan. & Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital, PICU), and Mrs. Konstantina Mitropoulou (MD, MSc Paediatric Intensivist, PICU in “Pan. & Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital).

By measuring the child’s height, the “Paediatric Emergency Ruler” provides immediate information to doctors and nurses regarding the doses of urgent paediatric medications, as well as the size of the equipment needed to treat a severely injured child. Its lamination ensures its long-lasting and durable use in the trauma centers. 

In total, 266 items were printed, which will be available free of charge to all Trauma Centers and Paediatric Departments of the hospitals and health centers in Greece that have been, or will be, equipped by “Pedtrauma”.


With this letter we would like to thank you for the PAEDIATRIC EMERGENCY RULER that we received. It is a very useful tool in the treatment of the severely injured child, which will remain in the Pαediatric Department of the “Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras and will greatly facilitate the work of the medical staff.

We look forward to our continued cooperation.

Maria Iliopoulou
Director of the Paediatric Department, “Karamandaneio” General Hospital in Patras


In the context of your kind and invaluable contribution of equipment for the Paediatric Trauma Center of the General Hospital of Amfissa, we also received the “Paediatric Emergency Ruler”, translated by the Paediatric Intensivists of the PICU in the “Pan. & Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital. It is definitely an extremely useful tool for doctors who have to treat a seriously ill child.

Thank you very much.

With enormous admiration,
Filia Loukou
Paediatric Department
General Hospital of Amfissa

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