General Hospital of Larissa

 Trauma Center 
07/2017Portable oximeter (Sponsor: MYTILINEOS S.A.) 446,40
07/2017Blood pressure monitor (Sponsor: MYTILINEOS S.A.) 2.232,0
07/2017Monitor (Sponsor: MYTILINEOS S.A.) 1.860,00
07/2017Otoscope 513,00
07/2017Ophthalmoscope (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 164,70
07/2017Neopuff (Sponsor: MYTILINEOS S.A.) 1.116,00
07/2017Saver One (Sponsor: Sigma Medical) 2.070,00
07/2017Electronic babu scale 647,10
07/2017Electronic column scale with measuring rod 546,30
07/2017Measuring rod for baby 79,20
07/2017Examination table 291,40
07/20172 Digital thermometers (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 936,00
07/2017Emergency trolley (Sponsor: N. Papapostolou S.A) 1.475,60
07/2017Resuscitation trolley (Sponsor: N. Papapostolou S.A) 1.426,00
07/2017Suction trolley (Sponsor: N. Papapostolou S.A & ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 2.108,00
07/2017Ambu 944,88
07/2017Computer & Photocopying machine (Sponsor :Kotsovolos Dixons South – East Europe) 468,47
07/2017I-V Stand (max 8 kg) (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 90,00
07/2017I-V Stand (max 12 kg) (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 162,00
07/2017Double illuminator (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 496,00
09/2017Jaundice meter (Sponsor: Draeger Hellas)€ 3.596,00
02/2018Portable paramagnetic respirator (Sponsor: Project Give & Fund)€ 5.989,20
02/2018Vein Viewer (Sponsor: Project Give & Fund) 405,00
02/2018Infusion pump (Sponsor: Project Give & Fund) 868,00
05/2018Wheelchair (Sponsor: Théâtre Grec de Genève) 207,00
05/20182 Trolley – two levels (Sponsor: Théâtre Grec de Genève & ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 513,00
05/2018Volumetric infusion pump (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 1.116,00
05/2018Stretcher (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 806,00
05/2018Examining trolley lighting (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 693,00
Paediatric Surgery Department
04/2024Equipment for the Paediatric Surgery Department (Sponsor: MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A., PENTE S.A.-Galaxias Supermarkets)€ 12.081,13
 Total:€ 44.347,38

Photos of the Paediatric Surgery Department (2024)

July 2018


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have equipped the 17th Trauma Center in Greece, in the General Hospital of Larissa, with funding provided by the “Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”, MYTILINEOS S.A., PAPAPOSTOLOU N. S.A., DRAEGER HELLAS, SIGMA MEDICAL, KOTSOVOLOS and the “Théâtre Grec de Genève”.


“We would like to warmly thank the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, and specifically the President of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Natasha Clive – Vrecossis, for donating medical equipment to the Trauma Center in the General Hospital of Larissa. We would also like to thank the project managers, Mrs. Evgenia Bousoulega and Mrs. Niki Zolota, for their excellent cooperation. In difficult times like these, your vision and your enthusiasm have greatly facilitated our work. Your offer is noticeable every day, as it has greatly improved our ability to cope with urgent paediatric incidents and injured children in our hospital. Keep up the good work!”

Dr Sophia Alevra
Director of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Larissa

Photos from the Trauma Center 


larissa 2 Vein viewer


larisa anapneystiras


larisa amaxidio
larisa foreio
larisa fotismos


larisa pinakida

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