Health Center of Ebona in Rhodes

09/2017Equipment for the Pediatric Clinic (Sponsor: Allianz Hellas, Bodossaki Foundation & ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”) 4.781,48
 Total:€ 4.781,48

September 2017


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have equipped with the necessary machinery the Pediatric Clinic of the Health Center Ebonas in Rhodes, with the support of Allianz Hellas and the Bodossaki Foundation.


”The Directors and staff of P.E.D.Y. – Health Center of Ebona in Rhodes, on behalf of all its visitors and patients, would like to warmly thank the President and the members of the Board of Directors of the Charity ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’, for their very touching gesture, in donating medical equipment and consumables necessary for the operation of its Pediatric Clinic.The pediatric clinic of the Health Center of Ebona began its operation a year ago, thanks to the efforts of the Director of General Medicine Mr Theofanis Moukas and the Pediatrician Nicholas Pharmakides, offering valuable health services to the pediatric population of our region.‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ donated to the Health Center of Ebona a patient monitor with the necessary equipment for use on infants and children of all ages, a pediatric stethoscope, an electronic baby scale, an otoscope, a set of ambu, a streptococcus detection test, and consumables. Now, with this donated equipment, it has no reason to be “jealous” of any private or public Pediatric Clinic.We would like to express our gratitude, and wish the members of the Charity ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ health, joy, happiness and to always be so generous. With this gesture, they demonstrate the magnitude of their philanthropy and altruism. We urge them to continue their particularly important work throughout Greece, and we hope that all children who are in need of medical supervision and support will be able to benefit from the best possible care.”

Theophanis N. Moukas
Director of General Medicine
Scientific Coordinator
P.E.D.Y. – Health Center of Ebona

Photos of the equipment

ebona ambu
ebona monitor
ebona set
Intraosseous set
ebona zygos
Electronic baby scale
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