APLS Hellas (Advanced Paediatric Life Support “APLS” Seminars) – Medical Seminars Program “Leonidas Georgopoulos”

Financing of Seminars
12/06/10Financing of BLS Seminar (Athens)€ 2.400,00
24/09/10Financing of APLS Seminar (Athens)€ 2.700,00
10/02/12Financing of APLS Seminar (Athens)€ 3.200,00
09/11/12Financing of APLS Seminar (Athens) (Sponsor:”Amalia” Group of Hotels) € 3.200,00
18-19/01/13Financing of two PLS Seminars (Irakleion-Crete)€ 5.100,00
26/04/13Financing of APLS Seminar (Athens) (Sponsor: “Amalia” Group of Hotels)€ 3.500,00
18/05/13Financing of PLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete) (Sponsor:HELLENIC PETROLEUM S. A.)€ 2.400,00
13-15/12/13Financing of APLS Seminar  (Athens) (Sponsor: “Amalia” Group of Hotels)€ 3.200,00
24-26/01/14Financing of APLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.150,00
9-11/05/14Financing of APLS Seminar for 4 doctors of E.K.A.V. (Athens)€ 400,00
13-14/09/14Financing of APLS Seminar (Thessaloniki)€ 1.200,00
29-30/11/14Financing of APLS Seminar  (Athens) (Sponsor: “Amalia” Group of Hotels)€ 3.200,00
14-15/03/15Financing of APLS Seminar (Thessaloniki)€ 1.600,00
20-22/03/15Financing of APLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.200,00
 6-7/06/15Financing of APLS Seminar  (Athens) € 2.000,00
12-13/12/15Financing of APLS Seminar  (Athens) € 5.600,00
20/03/16Financing of APLS Seminar for the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (Athens)€ 500,00
25-26/06/16Financing of APLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.400,00
10/09/16Financing of PLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.300,00
17/12/16Financing of PLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.350,00
04/02/17Financing of PLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.300,00
6-7/05/17Financing of APLS Seminar  (Athens)€ 5.400,00
06/05/2017Financing of PLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.200,00
06-07/10/17Financing of PLS Seminar (Siteia-Crete)€ 1.100,00
7-8/10/17Financing of APLS Seminar (Thessaloniki)€ 5.100,00
4-5/11/17Financing of APLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.200,00
16/12/17Financing of PLS Seminar (Rethymno-Crete)€ 1.100,00
3-4/03/18Financing of APLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.000,00
05/05/18Financing of PLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.200,00
12-13/05/18Financing of APLS Seminar (Athens)€ 4.650,00
30/06/18Financing of PLS Seminar (Chania-Crete)€ 1.200,00
20-21/10/18Financing of APLS Seminar (Thessaloniki)€ 4.500,00
2-3/02/19Financing of APLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete)€ 1.250,00
25-26/05/19Financing of APLS Seminar (Athens)€ 4.500,00
08/06/19Financing of PLS Seminar (Irakleion-Crete) € 1.100,00
19/10/19Financing of APLS Seminar (Ierapetra-Crete)€ 1.200,00
2-3/11/19Financing of ΑPLS Seminar (Athens)€ 4.350,00
30/11/19-1/12/19Financing of ΑPLS Seminar (Crete) € 1.600,00
25-26/01/20Financing of APLS Seminar (Thessaloniki)€ 4.800,00
Purchase of Equipment
30/06/11Purchase of equipment needed for the “APLS” Seminars (6 dolls)€ 4.575,60
05/2014Equipment for the A.P.L.S. Seminars€ 1.550,00
06/2017Equipment for the A.P.L.S. Seminars€ 553,61
07/2019Equipment for the A.P.L.S. Seminars€ 3.025,84
09/2019Equipment for the A.P.L.S. Seminars€ 3.286,74
Total:€ 107.341,79
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