We would like to express our warmest gratitude to the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” for the donation of medical equipment and supplies.
Their support and kind donation are an important contribution to the smooth operation of the Regional Health Center of Irakleia, helping us provide the best possible healthcare to the patient.
We believe that these acts of support and mutual aid should be highlighted in today’s times.
This letter is a small token of appreciation for your significant and commendable deed, and we look forward to your assistance in the future.

Thank you very much
The staff of the Regional Health Center of Irakleia


Today the charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, visited our kindergarten and spoke to the children about trauma prevention.

From a very young age and for their own safety, children must learn to recognize the dangers around them and be able to protect themselves from them.

With the help of the slide projector, they saw cases of children’s accidents and potential risks in the home environment that can be avoided if they are properly informed. Τhey expressed their opinions, while at the same time, they remembered and presented similar incidents of their own that were dangerous and required care.Τhey received valuable material for them to study with their parents and left wiser and more cautious!!!

We would like to thank the volunteers of the Charity for their excellent presentation, the sweet way they addressed the children and the knowledge they conveyed in order for them to understand the dangers and better protect themselves!!!

5th Kindergarden of Pefki


Thank you very much for the excellent presentation. Your program has been incorporated into our school’s annual schedule.
Your impeccable presentation helps activate, advise and educate children on very important every day issues.

Thank you,
Roula Kedrou
Kindergarden teacher, 7th Κindergarden of Peristeri


On Friday, the charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” visited our kindergarten and gave an educational presentation about preventing children’s accidents. The experience was very productive and the children discussed, in a simple and understandable way, how they can protect themselves from accidents at home, on the road and while in the car. We are very grateful to the charity for their selfless contribution to the children and their families. The educational material they provided will prove invaluable to all of us.

27th Kindergarden of Kallithea


This donation confirms the sensitivity that governs your Organization, which aims to ensure the best possible functioning of the Pediatric Departments of our country, as well as that of the Regional Health Center of Elafonisos, as the only public health structure in our area.
We wholeheartedly hope you continue your work, maintain your pace and strengthen your activities in order to improve the healthcare provided to our children (both residents and visitors) and facilitate the difficult work of our rural doctors.

Efstathia Liarou
Mayor of Elafonisos


We would like to thank you for your interest and attention towards our students during the presentation of your program in our school. Our students received important advice which will be useful for them in their daily life. It is vital for all children to attend your educational program. We hope you continue your selfless work with the same love and warmth you showed to our own students.

12th Kindergarden of Kamatero


My warm congratulations yet again for this year’s distinction!!
We would like to thank you for your sensitivity, your selfless generosity and your work!
Thank you for existing, for being interested, for always caring for the needs of large as well as small paediatric departments like our own, effectively covering whatever gaps are left by the state…

With love, respect and admiration, on behalf of the whole Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Chios,
The Director of the Department,
Elena Pippidi


The Paediatric Clinic, as well as the Trauma Center, was equipped with vitally important medical machinery.
This gesture demonstrates your social sensitivity and solidarity with our young patients, especially on remote islands such as ours, where the healthcare and the paediatric emergency cases have greater gravity.
We would like to thank you wholeheartedly and wish you good luck in your important work.

Stamatia Karagianni
Director of the Paediatric Clinic
Regional Health Center of Skyros


A simple thank you is not enough considering all the support you have offered us over so many years, but both my colleagues and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Nicoletta Iacovidou, MD, PhD
Professor of Paediatrics – Neonatology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA)
Director of the Neonatal Department, Aretaieio Hospital, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA) Medical School


Once again, we were very happy with the Charity’s presentation to our students. It drew their attention and left them discussing the matter for several days, both with us and amongst themselves.

Thank you!
The Teachers’ Association of the 13th & 16th Kindergardens of Zografos


The educational program that took place in our school on the 11th and 12th of May 2022 was excellent and constructive for our students’ knowledge and skills when it comes to protecting themselves and others around them.
Thank you very much and we look forward to our continued cooperation!

On behalf of the Teacher’s Association of the School
Stamatia Vlachou, Principal
20th Elementary School of Ilioupoli


We would like to thank the members of the charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, and especially the President Mrs Vrecossis, for their continuous support in upgrading equipment that is vital for providing better medical care to our young patients.
Your recognition of the efforts of the Paediatric ICU personnel and the constant support of your Charity keeps us going.

Stavroula Ilia
Director of the Paediatric ICU
Assistant Professor of Paediatric Intensive Care, University of Crete


We would like to warmly thank you for your kind donation of medical equipment, which will cover the needs of the Paediatric Clinic of the 1st Health Center of Salamina. Your support and selfless generosity towards the Primary Health Care sector gives us hope for the future.

Panagiota Bafa
Director – Coordinator
Health Center of Salamina


The constant work of the charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” is vital for Greek society. We hope you will always be well and able to help, so that the quality of medical care provided to the children in Greece can continue to improve.

Eleni Gkreka
Paediatrician – ESY Consultant
General Hospital of Messolonghi “Hatzikosta”


My colleagues and I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support you have offered our Paediatric Department over the years. Most of our equipment has been donated to us by the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”. You have always helped us in our efforts to provide responsible and high quality healthcare services to the injured child, in an area with no Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Vassiliki Gketsi
Director of the Paediatric Department
General Hospital of Ioannina “G. Hatzikosta”


I would like to thank you on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Hospital, as well as all the citizens of Kos, for the enormous support you have offered our Hospital. We have already received the majority of your donation and our dream has come true!

Vassiliki Lechou
Director of Nursing Care
General Hospital – Health Center of Kos


Thank you for the much needed donation of the ophthalmoscope to the Ophthalmology Department.
With the use of this medical equipment, the correct diagnosis and the treatment of the oncological and non-oncological patients of our clinic can be made safely.

On behalf of the Ophthalmology Department of G.A.O.H.A. “O Aghios Savvas”
The Scientific Director of the Ophthalmology Department


Thank you very much for the presentation. Both teachers and students were thrilled! It was very well organised – comprehensive (but at the same time detailed) – informative and helpful!
We wish you good luck in your difficult work!

Yours sincerely,
The Kindergarden Teachers of the 2nd Kindergarden of Nea Ionia


With this letter we would like to express our gratitude to you for donating equipment to the Paediatric Clinic of the General Hospital – Health Center of Naxos…
Your actions demonstrate your social sensitivity and solidarity with our Hospital at this difficult time due to the pandemic.

Callitsa Fragiskou
Deputy Director, General Hospital – Health Center of Naxos


The high quality equipment we received at the Educational Centre for Emergency Medicine in Irakleion, thanks to the invaluable help of the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, gives us the opportunity to train not only the Emergency Medicine trainee doctors of our Centre, but also the rest of the Trauma Centre medical personnel and the students who are doing their residency at our Hospital, through the method of in situ simulation, which simulates a real workspace with our colleagues. This way, whenever it is required, everyone will be ready to offer high quality medical care to a severely injured child, and to all seriously ill patients.
Besides, every investment in education is an investment in a better future for all of us.

Nikolaos Sbyrakis
ESY Consultant
Head of Education, Trauma Centre, University Hospital of Irakleion – Crete “PAGNI”


On behalf of Professor Parisi, Director of the University Clinic, we would like to thank you for your donation and your support in the development of Emergency Medicine and the education of our young doctors.

Eftychia Polyzogopoulou
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
University Emergency Department of the University General Hospital “ATTIKON”


We would like to thank you for the excellent, and incredibly useful and interesting presentation.

Roula Kedrou
Kindergarden teacher, 7th Κindergarden of Peristeri


We are grateful for your support, as your active interest in our Hospital is of particular importance in this unprecedented crisis of Public Health, due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus.
There are times when the weight of our responsibility towards the residents of the Prefecture of Drama threatens to become unbearable, but it is lightened significantly by initiatives such as yours, giving us the courage to continue our admittedly, at this time, difficult work.
For the Hospital of our Prefecture, the sensitivity and solidarity of all the donors are the greatest legacy for an auspicious future.
We wish you health and prosperity!

Thessalonikia Karatzoglou
Director of the General Hospital of Drama


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuous and sincere interest in the sick child, which is reflected through the donation of “THE HELLENIC INITIATIVE AUSTRALIA” and your Charity to the Paediatric Allergy Unit of the “Karamandaneio” Children’s Hospital.
The value of the donation is immeasurable both in the provision of specialised services to paediatric patients with paediatric allergy diseases, as well as in the training of the doctors of the Paediatric Department of the “Karamandaneio” General Hospital of Patras.

Gabriela Feketea
Paediatrician – Paediatric allergist, ESY Consultant, Director of the Paediatric Allergy Unit, of the Paediatric Department of the “Karamandaneio” General Hospital of Patras.


With this letter we would like to thank you for the PAEDIATRIC EMERGENCY RULER that we received. It is a very useful tool in the treatment of the severely injured child, which will remain in the Pαediatric Department of the “Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras and will greatly facilitate the work of the medical staff.

We look forward to our continued cooperation.

Maria Iliopoulou
Director of the Paediatric Department, “Karamandaneio” General Hospital in Patras


In this difficult period, kind donations such as these strengthen our efforts to improve our services and give us courage to continue our work.
We hope others will follow your example.

Christos Papoulkas
Director of the General Hospital of Florina


The online presentation on Trauma Prevention attended by the children was very interesting. The children’s attention was captured by the pictures as well as the descriptions of the lady who was presenting. Many of the children participated by asking questions or describing their own experience with accidents.
We would like to thank you once again for such an important and interesting presentation.

Athanasia Koutsona
Kindergarten teacher, 4th Kindergarden of Gerakas


I would like to thank you for your kind and important donation to our Hospital.
We have accepted and received your exceptional donation of medical equipment, offered to us by “MYTILINEOS S.A.”
The response of your Charity and the Company was very fast, covering the gaps in terms of equipment and the operating needs of the Paediatric Trauma Center of the “Tzaneio” Hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment.
The above donation, which was made with the help of the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, upgrades and facilitates the operation of the Paediatric Trauma Center of the “Tzaneio” Hospital.

Sincerely and with respect for your work,
George Bourikis
Head of the Paediatric Surgery Department, “Tzaneio” General Hospital of Piraeus


Your Charity’s sensitivity and sense of responsibility towards children demonstrates your philosophy of social contribution and offers great assistance in the work of the doctors and nurses who take care of the children.
On behalf of the Board of Directors we would like to thank you and we hope that your work can serve as an example of social contribution for those who have the opportunity.

Andreas Tsolis
Director of the General Hospital of Aitoloakarnania – Hospital Unit of Agrinio


I would like to express the deepest gratitude of the Paediatric Department as well as myself, personally, as director of the Department, for your invaluable donation to us. It shows your interest in the suffering child, and renders the medical care we provide to the child more useful and much easier.

Gabriela Feketea
Paediatrician – Paediatric allergist, ESY Consultant, Director of the Paediatric Department, Hospital Unit of Amaliada, General Hospital of Ileia


Please accept our sincere gratitude for your Charity’s kind donation to the unaccompanied refugee minors who are accommodated in our facilities.
We are extremely pleased, as you are actively contributing to the efforts of the Church of Greece to give the children not just a roof over their heads but also the foundations and opportunities to build a decent life in Greece.
I would like to express my personal gratitude for your tireless interest in the refugee minors, and I wish you all the best.

With great honour,
Archimandrite Panteleimon Papasinefakis
Director of “SYNYPARXIS”


On behalf of the Hospital staff, we would like to express our gratitude for this donation, but most of all we would like to thank you for giving us, with this act of yours, the strength to continue our work.

Professor George Chalkiadakis
Director of PAGNI


Within a short period of time, due to our excellent cooperation, we received the medical equipment for the Trauma Center of our Paediatric Department. Your contribution is invaluable, as we are on the ‘first line of defense’ in a provincial area and the immediate treatment of paediatric emergencies, within the first few minutes, as we say, is of vital importance for the health of the patient. With the equipment we have received our work will become more effective and better organized. We are pleased to find such support in our efforts to treat our young patients effectively.

Epistimi Angelou
General Hospital – Health Center of Kymi


One could not “fight” for health without the right knowledge, infrastructure and equipment.
Your help is invaluable as you provide all of the above, taking care of the most beautiful part of our society, and the one with the most dynamic potential: our children.
Your work renews our trust in our fellow human beings, setting an inspiring example of solidarity and duty.

Constantinos Velaoras
Paediatric Surgeon, ESY Consultant, “Paidon Pentelis” Children’s Hospital


The medical and nursing staff of the Paediatric Clinic of the General Hospital of Grevena would like to express our warmest thanks for the complete, state of the art remodeling of the Paediatric Trauma Center as well as the donation of a full range of medical equipment. The value of this donation, for the provision of first aid to our paediatric patients, the working conditions of the medical and nursing staff, as well as the psychology of our small patients and their parents, is incalculable. We would therefore like to inform you of the pleasant surprise, admiration and gratitude of the children and their parents.

Your excellent work and selfless generosity gives us strength and courage to continue our work. Your Charity, your President and collaborators are a bright light for the provincial health infrastructure, reminding us that there are still people out there with a vision and the desire to help.

Despina Tzira

Paediatrician – Intensivist
General Hospital of Grevena


Your donation does you credit and is incredibly useful to our Hospital, and at the same time, it is an exemplary act of social solidarity, revealing your awareness and care for public health.

Christos Kapetanides

Director of the General Hospital of Didymoteicho


It all started on a November morning when a warm, polite voice was heard on the phone. And step by step, with a lot of effort, patience but also persistence, cooperation, and good intentions, the equipment of the Paediatric Trauma Center of the General Hospital of Amfissa became a reality!
We thank the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” and the kind donor from the bottom of our hearts. The doctors and nurses thank you. The parents and children of our remote, but also so beautiful, region thank you.
We hope you will continue your invaluable social contribution, with the same tireless determination, selflessness, enthusiasm and strength of soul.

Thank you very much.

Filia Loukou
Paediatrician Director
Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Amfissa


The Director of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Cephalonia “Aghios Gerasimos”, Dr Kalypso Danelatou, the doctors and the nursing staff express our warmest thanks to the Non-Profit Organization “Pediatric Trauma Care” for providing a full range of medical equipment to the Paediatric Trauma Center.

The sensitivity and solidarity of the president Natasha Clive – Vrecossis, as well as the members of the charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, towards the community are proven once again with this social contribution. A donation which, in these hard times, demonstrates the humanitarian vision of the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” as well as that of the A. G. Leventis Foundation who funded this project in order to defend and strengthen the public health sector.

Our most sincere thanks,

Kalypso Danelatou
Director of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Cephalonia


“Dear Mrs President, and members of the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”,

Your invaluable support in the creation of the Trauma Center for children was crucial. You appeared a year ago, as a deus ex machina, at a time when support for the Health Services was sparing. You met the needs of the hospital units of Argolida and responded by equipping both trauma centers with the basic equipment needed for the treatment of paediatric injuries. For the first time, the hospital units in Argolida have state-of-the-art medical equipment to assist young patients.

From Tuesday 28th July 2020, the Trauma Center of the Hospital Unit of Argos is fully operational. We thank both you and the discreet donors for the equipment but most importantly for your humanity. Your donation gives us the strength to try harder, not only because you provided us with the means to do so, but mainly because we feel that we are not alone in this endeavor.

… Your effort is truly remarkable, continue your work in putting more smiles on the children’s faces.”

Koukoufilippou Ioannis
Electrical Engineer Msc, Deputy Director of Technical Service, General Hospital of Argolida


Good evening from the urgent need seamstresses! Thank you very much for your important contribution to this whole endeavor! Honestly there are no words… may you be an example for others! Good luck with your work!

Mary Tsentzika Gerasimou
Member of the team “Urgent Need Seamstresses”


In the context of your kind and invaluable contribution of equipment for the Paediatric Trauma Center of the General Hospital of Amfissa, we also received the “Paediatric Emergency Ruler”, translated by the Paediatric Intensivists of the PICU in the “Pan. & Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital. It is definitely an extremely useful tool for doctors who have to treat a seriously ill child.

Thank you very much.

With enormous admiration,
Filia Loukou
Paediatric Department
General Hospital of Amfissa


On behalf of the staff of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Veria, we feel the need to express our warmest thanks for the donation of medical equipment to our Paediatric Trauma Center. Your contribution during these difficult times gives us incredible strength to continue our work and reminds us that there are still people with vision and a selfless willingness to help. Your excellent endeavors are truly a breath of hope and support for provincial healthcare infrastructures, such as ours. We hope you continue your invaluable work.

The Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Veria


The Trauma Center – Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Florina received the, latest in technology, equipment you sent us and we thank you.A generous donation of machinery from the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”. ……This equipment is invaluable to us and we use it daily, covering essential needs of newborns, infants and children. We feel grateful, you made our work easier and more efficient. You are a bright light – a role model.

Thank you very much,
The paediatricians and nursing staff
Paediatric Department – General Hospital of Florina


According to the Dictionary of Common Greek of the Hellenic Language Center, a donation is “whatever is granted without remuneration or exchange, a sum of money, real estate or other property offered by someone to the state, to a public benefit foundation”. However, the work, and moreover the merit of the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” is philanthropy.

Philanthropy: is about initiatives of individuals who aim to improve the quality of life of people or communities, and/or alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings. This is what Pediatric Trauma Care does, by dealing with the immediate and correct treatment of children’s accidents. Philanthropy declares first of all their love for the child. Thank you very much.

Lasda Agori – Dimitra
General Hospital – Health Center of Karystos


“With this letter, and on behalf of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Arta, we would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your invaluable contribution in upgrading the quality of our services. During these difficult times, your support has been of the utmost importance. Thank you very much for the donation.”

Konstantinos Tsiantis
Director of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Arta


“Pediatric Trauma Care. A revelation! A charity with a great contribution to the state’s infrastructures of health services. Where to begin? Equipment and renovation in sixty-five departments in fifty-five hospitals throughout Greece, corporate social responsibility awards, high quality evaluation.”

Ioannis Theocharis
Eye Surgeon, Contact person SAKA Healthcare Professional Club Athens College
Source: “ερμής” Magazine, PERIOD Β’, ISSUE 70


“Your contribution to the reinforcement of the equipment of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Chios with this donation was crucial for facilitating our work, as well as for the more complete and effective treatment of neonatological emergencies.
We are grateful for your sponsorship and for always supporting us in our difficult work, which is particularly important considering the economic crisis.
By monitoring your work over the years, we can only salute your contribution not only to the Paediatric Department of our Hospital but also to all the Paediatric Departments throughout Greece. We hope you continue your efforts and always offer the best care to young patients.”

Eleni Pippidi
Supervisor of the Paediatric Department of the ”Skylitseio” General Hospital of Chios


“On May 14th 2019, the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” visited the 2nd Preschool of Chalandri. The two ladies who came to educate the preschoolers on trauma prevention were very kind. Thanks to their calm and engaging way of speaking, they were able to capture and hold the interest of the children, who ranged from 2.5-4 years old. We would like to thank you for your presence and your useful gifts, and wish you strength and good luck in your efforts.”

Tamara Manderi
The Deputy Head


“All the employees of the Paediatric Department are very grateful to the Charity Pediatric Trauma Care, which understood the need to create a safe and functional Paediatric Department. We kindly thank Norton Rose Fulbright Greece for making a dream come true, giving the children what they need. Personally, I thank Mrs Natasha Vrecossis, who has always been by my side in my struggle, supported me, with unparalleled courtesy and determination. I would also like to thank Norton Rose Fulbright Greece, for funding a project in a remote city of Greece, an act that I personally consider makes them a Benefactor not just a sponsor.”

Sofia Chrysostomidou
Director of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Kilkis


“We hope that you continue your important work with the same zeal, and that many more Paediatric Trauma Centers be equipped, so that young patients throughout Greece can reap the benefits of your generous contribution.”

Yours sincerely,
Koniari Nikoletta
Director of National Healthcare System
Scientific Head of Paediatrics, General Hospital of Trikala.


“We would like to warmly thank the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, and specifically the President of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Natasha Clive – Vrecossis, for donating medical equipment to the Trauma Center in the General Hospital of Larissa. We would also like to thank the project managers, Mrs. Evgenia Bousoulega and Mrs. Niki Zolota, for their excellent cooperation. In difficult times like these, your vision and your enthusiasm have greatly facilitated our work. Your offer is noticeable every day, as it has greatly improved our ability to cope with urgent paediatric incidents and injured children in our hospital. Keep up the good work!”

Dr Sophia Alevra
Director of the Paediatric Department of the General Hospital of Larissa


“I would like to express my joy, as well as the delight of the young refugees who are being hosted in the hospitality center of Caritas Hellas in Neos Kosmos, for our collaboration with the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”. Within the framework of the summer educational program, the children had the opportunity to learn about accident prevention at home, at school and in the places they frequent. The children were clearly excited, as they did not stop asking questions. Your efforts are truly commendable, since, as a teacher and coordinator of the educational program, I recognize the importance of trauma prevention.

We are deeply grateful for your warmth, passion and willingness to enhance our educational work! We also thank you for the brochures you provided and the T-shirts with our beloved “Sotiris”.”

Giannisopoulou Petroula
Coordinator of the Educational Program in the framework of the “Listening and Welcoming” program of Caritas Hellas in Neos Kosmos.


”We would like to thank the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care”, and specifically the President of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Natasha Clive – Vrecossis and her associates, for their important contribution of medical equipment and machinery to the Trauma Center of the Pediatric Department in the General Hospital of Livadeia. Their awareness and genuine interest greatly improved the care of urgent pediatric incidents and injuries in our hospital, demonstrating their support of the difficult work the medical staff face. One more Trauma Center was added to the map of successful interventions by “Pedtrauma” in many Hospitals and Health Centers in our country, an example of their generosity towards our society which should be followed by others.

We wish all the contributors health and strength to continue their work.”

George Katopodis
Coordinator of the Paediatric Department
Director of Medical Agency
General Hospital of Livadeia


”The Directors and staff of P.E.D.Y. – Health Center of Ebona in Rhodes, on behalf of all its visitors and patients, would like to warmly thank the President and the members of the Board of Directors of the Charity ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’, for their very touching gesture, in donating medical equipment and consumables necessary for the operation of its Pediatric Clinic.The pediatric clinic of the Health Center of Ebona began its operation a year ago, thanks to the efforts of the Director of General Medicine Mr Theofanis Moukas and the Pediatrician Nicholas Pharmakides, offering valuable health services to the pediatric population of our region.‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ donated to the Health Center of Ebona a patient monitor with the necessary equipment for use on infants and children of all ages, a pediatric stethoscope, an electronic baby scale, an otoscope, a set of ambu, a streptococcus detection test, and consumables. Now, with this donated equipment, it has no reason to be “jealous” of any private or public Pediatric Clinic.We would like to express our gratitude, and wish the members of the Charity ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ health, joy, happiness and to always be so generous. With this gesture, they demonstrate the magnitude of their philanthropy and altruism. We urge them to continue their particularly important work throughout Greece, and we hope that all children who are in need of medical supervision and support will be able to benefit from the best possible care.”

Theophanis N. Moukas
Director of General Medicine
Scientific Coordinator
P.E.D.Y. – Health Center of Ebona


”On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Health Center of Karlovasi, the employees of this establishment, and especially our fellow citizens, I would like to express my gratitude towards Pediatric Trauma Care for its role in renewing and upgrading the equipment of the Pediatric Department of the Health Center of Karlovasi .We now have the ability to provide improved health care to the child population in our area, to the children of our visitors, as well as the children of the immigrants and refugees that are passing through our island. This renewal of pediatric equipment has been the largest since the Health Center was founded. This important project would not have been made possible without the immediate response of Pedtrauma and the substantial assistance provided to us by the Board of Directors and its President Mrs Natasha Clive-Vrecossis, as well as the excellent collaboration with the Project Manager. Finally, I would like to once again express our deepest gratitude to our sponsors and wish you good luck in your future endeavours.”

George Yfantis
Pediatrician, Director of the Health Center of Karlovasi


“…There is no feeling worse than having an injured or seriously ill child in front of you and not having the means to help it. You feel powerless. You feel the time pushing you. And you can’t really help.”

”It is with great privilege we welcome your generous donation that made the opening of a highly equipped Emergency Room at the Pediatrics Clinic of Karpenisi General Hospital possible. Our renovated facilities and new medical equipment directly improve the quality of medical diagnostics and thus medical assistance of the young patients and visitors of the remote region of Evrytania. It would be impossible for this project to be accomplished without your help in such difficult times for our country. We are grateful for the precious and timely support from the President and enthusiastic cooperation with the coordinators of the Pediatric Trauma Care Organization. It was, personally as well, a great pleasure working with you all the way through.”

Maria Pavlidou
Director of the Pediatric Department at Karpenisi General Hospital


”On Friday 14/10, students from the 3rd grade of Xatzivei School had the opportunity to attend an excellent presentation on the prevention of accidents at school and at home. The children puzzled over the dangers they face in various surroundings and thought up ways through which they could protect themselves. Finally, we devoted a significant amount of time in order to discuss the forms of verbal and physical violence a child might be subjected to.The presentation was very well structured and it caught the children’s attention from the start.”

Xatzivei School


”Castellorizo is one of the most inaccessible islands of Greece, which means that the response time of the System takes far too long when it comes to the transportation of a patient to a health care facility of a higher level. This makes providing the Clinic of the island with all the necessary equipment, for it to be able to provide decent health care for a patient while they are hospitalized, a matter of vital importance. With the help of the non-profit organization “Pediatric Trauma Care” we have acquired advanced medical equipment that gives our Clinic a different “perspective”, and gives us the opportunity to provide the best possible health care to the residents of this island, as well as giving them a sense of security. We hope to have you by our side in the difficult times that lie ahead. Thank you very much!”

Ioannis Rantos & Bassar Moussa
Doctors, Hospital of Kastellorizo


”We consider ourselves very lucky to have worked with the non-profit organization “Pediatric Trauma Care”. Through their kind generosity, every year, in response to our invitation, they come and talk to parents and children about the prevention of accidents at home and at school, ( and always offer them a t-shirt as a memento ). They approach the children in a theatrical way, and the children participate with questions-answers and through sketches, when necessary. As we have been collaborating for several consecutive years now, we have observed that after each educational seminar there has been a significant decrease in accidents taking place at the school, and especially in the courtyard, as all those involved in the school system focus on the prevention of accidents, and on the ways through which that may be achieved, for the safety of our children. We would like to congratulate you and thank you for truly standing by our side and supporting our work. We are most grateful, and look forward to a long collaboration with you in the future !Our most sincere thanks!”

Κindergarden Teachers
Kontopoulou Foteini
Doufexi Konstantina
Papagianni Christina


”I would like to express my enormous admiration and gratitude towards the non-profit organization “Pedtrauma”, its President Mrs Vrecossis, the Board of Directors and the Management Team for their excellent cooperation in the creation of the Trauma Center in the General Hospital of Rhodes. A year after the new Trauma Center was put into operation we have realized the tremendous contribution of this unit, which would not have been possible without Pedtrauma and its Benefactors.On behalf of the Medical and Nursing Staff, as well as the children and adults who have been treated with the most up to date equipment thanks to your efforts and generosity, once again I express our thanks and gratitude and would like to say that it was a great pleasure working with you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope that your great work receives the recognition it deserves.”

Dr. George Triantos
MD, PhD, Surgeon Director Coordinator Director of Emergency Department, General Hospital Rhodes


“We would like to express our warmest gratitude to the Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” and especially its President Mrs Natasha Clive-Vrecossis for the donation of specialized medical equipment for the Trauma Center of the University Paediatric Clinic of the University Hospital of Larissa.
We consider the Charity “Paediatric Trauma Care” one of the most active volunteer organizations of our country, especially in the critical field of paediatric accidents and injuries.
The Charity’s continuous and effective presence is a model not only for all volunteer organizations but for all citizens. It is an example of how such organizations and the people behind them can assist the State, relieve suffering and solve problems, until long-term, comprehensive solutions can be found. You honour our country with your actions and deserve public recognition at the very least. We hope you continue your work with the same enthusiasm and effectiveness, for the good of our children and our country.”

Professor George Syrogiannopoulos
Director of the University Paediatric Clinic


”Pediatric Surgery’s Emergency Room renovation and reform at “Ippokration” General Hospital of Thessaloniki is not a dream any more. It is a reality thanks to the sensitivity shown by the non-profit, non-governmental organization Pedtrauma. The president Mrs. Natasha Clive-Vrecossis and her associates were the only boosters for the whole effort and the final implementation of our modern ER facilities, the proper for the busiest Paediatric Surgery Department all over Greece. High level services both for the kid as well as for his/her escorts, improved the standards of admission in velocity and quality, resulting in better diagnosis and management. We consider that public health value is fundamental and private initiatives can positively assist this goal. Our aims come side by side with your love and concern for children, creating the perfect working environment.
Thanking friends like you would be the minimum for your selfless giving, concerning personal contribution and sponsor’s help acquired by you. We wish you all the best, always in good health and mood, pillars of love and tenderness towards the kid, fellows to the common cause of children’s life improvement.”

Dr. George Papouis
Director- Pediatric Surgeon
Ιppokratio General Hospital of Thessaloniki


”The Chairwoman Mrs Natasha Vrecossis and the Board of Pediatric Trauma Care readily responded to the request of the Department of Neonatology of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens for financial aid regarding the acquisition of SMART, a teaching aid to be used by trainees in order to improve their skill regarding the respiratory support of neonates during resuscitation.
In an era of severe financial constraints, the vision, readiness and efficiency shown by the above mentioned body will greatly facilitate our teaching on resuscitation.We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your support and to congratulate you on your work.”

Dr Nicoletta Iacovidou MD, PhD,
Associate Professor in Paediatrics-Pediatrics


”The sensitivity you have showed responding immediately to our request is truly remarkable.You have been along our side with genuine concern and enviable patience.
Your contribution in making our every day easier is priceless and the presence of your offer is noticeable in every step we take.Words are small and “thank you’s” are little.
Godspeed to your work.With sincere gratitude.”

Logotheti Elena

Emergency Department “Achillopouleio” Hospital Volos


”President Natasha Vrecossis and the members of the NGO PedTrauma are wholeheartedly committed to protecting the health of the critically ill child. All of them work selflessly, methodically and with total dedication, trying to strengthen the infrastructure of the country’s collapsing National Health System. Pediatric Trauma recently equipped the Department of Pediatrics of the University General Hospital of Evros in Alexandroupolis, Thrace with three high quality cardiorespiratory monitors and two pulse oximeters, and kindly donated a transdermal bilirubinometer, and a vein mapping device to facilitate intravenous access of children needing blood sampling and / or parenteral administration of fluids and drugs. The offer of the NGO PedTrauma is commendable, because in the difficult times we live, it is the only non-governmental organization that selflessly and readily responded to the demands of the Department of Pediatrics of the University General Hospital of Evros, the only tertiary Department of Pediatrics in the region of Thrace, to improve and modernize its equipment. They deserve our respect for their donations and continued support.”

Elpis Mantadakis, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics- Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Democritus University of Thrace


“What impresses me most about the Charity “Pedtrauma” is not only their fundraising abilities and the strict conditions and careful control, which accompanies the management of the funds which their sponsors have entrusted them with. It is not only the devotion and absolute dedication of the President and Members of the Board of Directors  in protecting the tender offspring of our society. It is – for me – the fact that they have managed to build a strong team to tackle Pediatric Trauma Care and Emergency : Sponsors – the Charity “Pedtrauma” – Medical and Nursing Staff . This team gains strength and enthusiasm from each other and together experiences the joy of giving. “Pedtrauma”, tries ( and succeeds admirably ) in extending large circles, and a safety net around Pediatric Trauma units and Hospitals. In one of these circles stands the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Heraklion Crete, whose Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Area has been fully equipped with all the necessary machinery by “Pedtrauma”.  I would like to express my gratitude to the tireless President and members of the Charity “Pedtrauma”  because their work reminds us daily that we are not alone in our difficult undertaking.”

Panagiotis Agouridakis 

Assistant professor of Emergency Medicine University of Crete, 
Director of the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Iraklion 
President of the Hellenic Society of Emergency Medicine 


”Your presence in our Hospital can be felt everywhere ! The Trauma Center, your largest work to date, has upgraded the care we can offer a seriously injured child, and the possibilities of saving it’s life, whereas all the other equipment you have offered us has increased our capabilities to provide improved health services throughout the Hospital.On behalf of the Doctors and the nursing staff I would like to express our gratitude for your invaluable help and support in our difficult task.It is our sincere hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.”

Mrs Aristea Patsoura, MD (PICU Consultant in “Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital) 


“The primary cause of children’s deaths is pediatric trauma, in other words accidents ! Besides this dramatic fact, there is another equally great tragedy that we tend to forget : the fact that a large number of children’s accidents end in permanent disability. Unsettling!  Ofcourse !! But who cares about it? Is the state mobilized in organizing the prevention and management of pediatric trauma? Where Is everyone ?? Everyone mobilizes and makes a fuss over other more ” catchy ” needs.  No one denies the fact that those are also tragedies that need to be dealt with, but these  tragedies concern a much smaller number of the childhood population. Someone should care about the larger number … infact someone should care about ALL the children. This vacuum is luckily filled by the Charity ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’. The very significant actions of this Organization deals with both ends of the spectrum of pediatric trauma, where there is proven to be a huge deficit. First of all ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ offer Children’s Hospitals much needed medical equipment and secondly they finance seminars held for doctors, surgeons and nurses on how to offer first aid to a seriously injured child. The efforts made by this Charity need to be supported in every way possible .”

Mr Georgios Spyridis M.D.

Pediatric Surgeon
President of the Board of Directors of ”Advanced Pediatric Life Support Hellas”


‘’We appreciate and value the donations made by the Charity ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ on a daily basis, which is every time a child with respiratory diseases is helped by the equipment which has been donated to our Hospital by this Organization. ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ has contributed significantly to the health of our children.’’

Assistant Professor Athanasios Kaditis, 
(Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Pulmonology in the 1st Pediatric Clinic of Athens University Hospital “Aghia Sophia”)


‘’The commendable Non-Profit Organization ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ whose continuous contribution to the community has greatly helped our country in reducing the number and severity of children’s accidents, and helped to improve care once an accident has occurred. The donations of the Organization have brought significant improvements to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital “PAGNI” in Irakleion, Crete.’’

Dr. George Briassoulis, 
Associate Professor School of Health Sciences, University of Crete (Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in the ‘’PAGNI’’ University General Hospital of Irakleion)

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