Trauma Prevention on Ash Monday

Ash Monday, also known as Monday of Lent, is the day we fly kites. It is a tradition which brings a lot of joy to the family, especially the children. Unfortunately though this custom often results in accidents occuring. To avoid them we must:

Always fly the kite in open areas, away from cliffs and never from a terrace. Tragically, every year , there are many serious and sometimes fatal injuries when people fall from great heights while flying kites.

Do not fly the kite near power lines. However, if a kite should get entangled in them, do not try to untangle it as there is a serious risk of electrocution. Just leave the kite there and let go of the string.

Bear in mind that the string of the kite can cause cuts and friction burns on the children’s hands, therefore you need to show them how to hold the string carefully. It would help to wear gloves.

Remember to always have hats, sunscreen lotion and insect repellents with you when you go on these outings. You will most probably need them.

On Ash Monday people often organise excursions by car. For their safety children should always be seated in the rear seat and always wear a seat belt. The car dealerships and car accessory shops may suggest the correct seat for each child, depending on it’s height and weight. And do not forget that in the car it is very important to set a good example to the young. Please always wear your own seat belt even for the smallest distances !

Often car accidents occur when the young children are bored and start irritating and annoying their parents / drivers. In order to keep them amused allow them to have some safe toys ( never a toy with small detachable pieces which they might swallow ) to play with in the car. Also, stop the car often in order to allow the children to get out and move about, so that they are calmer while continuing the journey.

Grown ups should never hold a child in their lap even if they are wearing a seat belt, because, in case of an accident, the child will act as an airbag.

Also, a child must always get out of the car using the door nearest the sidewalk.

These small details should be followed so that a fun family outing on Ash Monday does not end up in tears or a mad rush to the nearest Paediatric Hospital.

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