”The Garden”-Exhibition by Claire Tsalouchidis-Hadjiminas

Painting Exhibition by Claire Tsalouchidis-Hadjiminas, ARGO Gallery 24 September – 19 October 2013

The Exhibition by Claire Tsalouhidou-Chatziminas was inaugurated on 24th September and lasted up until 19th October. The exhibition was a great success and part of the proceeds will be offered to the Non Profit Organisation ‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’.  Her initiative helps us to continue our projects and we would like to express our gratitude to Claire Tsalouhidou-Chatziminas for her very kind gesture.

Claire Tsalouchidis-Hadjiminas was born in Athens, Greece. She studied Political Science at the University of Athens and then worked in Brussels and London until 1987. Back in Greece she worked for Stavros Michalarias’s Art. She attended drawing lessons by Vassilis Charos, painting lessons by Mato Ioannidou and George Rorris at ‘’Apopsi’’ and furthered her studies close to artists such as Deana Nastic, Minas Semertzian and Alkistis Michaelidou.

‘’My earlier interest in portrait painting now focuses on the exploration of children’s faces around me. I start by painting the children of friends, my own children, unknown children who fascinate me for some reason, as well as two adults, eternal adolescents, who ‘’never grew up’’. At the same time, I paint dogs-those inseparable companions ideal for every child, those wonderful creatures that love us unconditionally, stand by us, trust us always…’’

Claire Tsalouchidis-Hadjiminas


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