Swimming Saves Lives

A large part of Greece is surrounded by sea and countless islands, and has many lakes, rivers and currents. Due to the good weather most of the time the beaches are crowded with people.

Due to the good weather most of the time the beaches are crowded with people.

The combination of mild climate and the element of water means the children in our Country are particularly prone to drowning accidents.

It has been proven that small children can drown in only a few centimeters of water and in a very short period of time.

Going to the sea:

– It is very important to teach our children from a very young age how to swim properly. Learning to swim can save lives!

– Never leave young children near the water unattended, even if they know how to swim.

– Never depend on inflatable objects such as arm-bands, baby floats, etc, for the safety of our children.

– Children should not swim on a full stomach. At least 3 hours should pass since their last meal.

– Do not let children swim far out to sea without supervision.

– It is dangerous to swim when the sea is rough and in places where there is a strong current.

– It is important that children do not over-estimate their swimming prowess and avoid any heroics.

– Dangerous games in the water such as dunking, holding your breath, etc, should be avoided as they can easily lead to drowning.

– At young ages, when children are on a boat they should always wear proper lifejackets and be supervised.

– Never forget to use sunscreen lotion !

Water Sports :

– When doing water sports children should always wear life-vests even if they can swim well.

– If the children want to engage in water sports such as sailing, water skiing, wind-surfing and diving, it is important to first attend classes with professional instructors and learn to follow the rules of each sport.

– In case older children want to go scuba-diving and deep-sea fishing they should use the appropriate equipment, follow the safety rules very closely, be connected to a special buoy in order to be seen by the passing vessels, and always be accompanied.

– Never forget to use sunscreen lotion !

At the pool :

– If there are children in the family, the pool should be properly fenced off or have a safety cover.

– Children should never swim in a pool without supervision.

– Children should be taught to pay particular attention around the pool, because when running or playing they can easily slip and get seriously injured.

– At the pool, just like at sea, it is important for youngsters to learn that in order to dive they should first make sure that the waters are deep enough and that there are no obstacles.

– Never forget to use sunscreen lotion !

Other places where there is water :

– It is important for children to know not to go near a swollen river or stream, because if they fall in they may drown. For the same reason they should not swim in a river when there is a strong under-current.

– Children should avoid diving in lakes where the waters are murky.

– Young children should not go near or bend over wells, cisterns or canals, because if they fall in they could get seriously injured or may even drown.

Attention :

Safety does not mean over-protection !!
Children should not fear water but enjoy it, taking all the safety measures necessary. Above all they should learn how to swim from a very young age.

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