Suggestions for the prevention of children’s accidents during the Christmas Holidays

Christmas! Days full of light! The Christmas holidays are a fun and special time for children. But, at the same time, the risk of children’s accidents increases. With some simple preventive measures, you can help avoid injuries and ensure enjoyable holidays for the whole family.

  • Be careful with the candles and the fireplaces in order to avoid burns.
    • Place candles on stable surfaces where it is difficult for children to touch or overturn them. Make sure they are out of the child’s reach. Alternatively, traditional candles can be replaced with LED candles.
    • A fireguard is an excellent addition for the safety of children at home. It is very important that Christmas decorations (e.g., greeting cards, Christmas stockings) are placed at a safe distance from the fire or other hot surfaces near the fireplace.

  • Avoid using glass or porcelain ornaments at the bottom of the tree, as they can easily break and cause injury to children. Also, small decorations with long and thin ribbons can pose a choking hazard.

  • Secure the tree. Make sure the Christmas tree is well anchored and cannot easily tip over.

  • Christmas lights are beautiful and create a magical atmosphere. Before placing them, it is important to take some safety measures:
    • Carefully check the wires for any damage. Faulty lights can cause electric shocks or fires. If you notice any problems, replace them.
    • Do not leave the lights on when you are out of the house or when you go to sleep.
    • Place the plug in an area that is not easily accessible to children. Use decorations or special wire covers to make it difficult for them to unplug or play with them.

  • The gifts brought by Santa should be suitable for the children’s ages. They will enjoy them more!

  • No matter how much fun festive plastic bags may seem, let’s not allow our children to play with them. There is a risk of suffocation if they put their heads inside.

  • Be cautious with candies for young children, as they can easily choke. Alternatively, choose sweets with a soft texture. Set a reasonable limit on the amount of sweets children can consume daily during the holiday season to avoid excessive sugar intake.

  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products should always be kept out of reach of young children to prevent poisoning.

  • When preparing for the Christmas table, it is especially important to supervise children if they are in the kitchen. Be careful with hot surfaces such as the oven, stovetops, and grill, as well as with cookware placed on them. Make sure the handle of the pot or pan does not extend beyond the kitchen surface.

  • During the holiday season, children spend a lot of time indoors. Be cautious with the balcony doors. Ensure they are locked when unsupervised. If you have glass tables, consider covering them with a protective film to prevent serious injuries.

  • It is extremely important to keep our children safe when out shopping. Always hold their hands when you are in crowded places. For greater safety, children should walk on the inner side of the sidewalk.

Happy Holidays – Safe Holidays !!

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