Suggestions for the prevention of children’s accidents during the Christmas Holidays

Christmas! Days full of light! Be careful with the candles and the fireplaces in order to avoid burns.

The fancy crystal balls on the tree can easily become the cause of a young child’s accident. Let’s place it high up on the tree.

  • Be careful with the fairy lights and the plugs. There is always a danger of electrocution.
  • The toys that Santa Claus brings should be appropriate for the children’s age. That way they will enjoy them more!
  • As colourful as the festive plastic bags are, we should not let our children play with them, because if they put their head in the bag there is a danger of suffocation.
  • Be careful with the candy for young children, because they can easily choke on them.
  • All alcoholic drinks and tobacco products should be put in places where the young children cannot reach them, in order to avoid poisoning.
  • Children should never be in the kitchen without supervision. Be careful with the hot surfaces, and don’t forget, the pan’s handle should not protrude.
  • Be careful with the balcony doors and glass tables in order to avoid serious injuries.
  • During the holidays we go on shopping sprees amidst large crowds. When we go out with our children we should always hold their hand and have them walk on the inside part of the sidewalk.

Happy Holidays – Safe Holidays !!

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