Sports and Safety

Sports are a big part of our lives. They play a great role in the physical and mental well-being of children and teenagers.

Through sports we can make sure that we stay in good physical condition and at the same time learn about teamwork and the spirit of fair play.

Of course, where there is increased physical activity, there is also a greater chance that an accident might occur.

Furthermore, in today’s society, there is a greater pressure on athletes to excel. Especially in sports this pressure often results in serious competition, which in turn increases the chances that an accident will occur.

It is important to find a balance, so that children can enjoy and at the same time benefit from the sport they have chosen without the added pressure of society and the adults that surround them.

By following, therefore, a few simple rules, we can significantly reduce sports accidents from occuring.

Suitable places and conditions:

•Check the training facility we are using to make sure that it is suitable for the sport we have chosen, and that it has the proper infrastructure.
•Check that the sports area is properly fenced off, both for the protection of the athletes as well as the audience.
•Every sports facility should have a person responsible who will be able to administer first aid.
•We should make sure that the coaches are qualified and that the younger children are always supervised when they practice.
•Avoid training in bad weather conditions.

Suitable clothing and equipment:

•Our clothing should be appropriate for the sport we are playing. It can protect us in case of an accident.
•Most sports have their own specialized equipment. It should be used correctly and should be checked regularly to make sure that it is in good condition. We should make sure to buy the certified equipment, not just the cheapest.
•Always cover our head and use sunblock when training under the sun for hours.
•Wear sunglasses or goggles whenever training under a strong sun, especially in the snow.

Fitness and warm ups:

•It is important to know our fitness level before starting a sport, even at a young age.
•Warming up before practice is necessary for all ages.
•Choose sports suitable for our age and physical condition.
•Avoid sports when feeling tired, or when we have just eaten or had a drink.

Following the rules of each sport:

•Every sport has its own set of rules, which should be followed closely, for our own safety as well as that of the others.
•It is important that coaches and adults set a good example, and teach young athletes the meaning of sportsmanship ( and not the aggressive behavior that stems from senseless competition between athletes ).

Attention!!! Sports should be a source of fun, not a cause for injury.

The Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to reduce Children’s Accidents and their severity. As part of the “Education on Trauma Prevention” Program, the Charity holds presentations in Kindergardens and Primary Schools in Attica, educating children, teachers and parents on how to prevent accidents from occurring. Brochures concerning safety tips for various categories of accidents are distributed throughout Greece. To date the presentations of Education on Trauma Prevention have been attended by more than 48.000 children and 3.000 teachers and parents.
For more information about the Program you can contact the Charity on 210-6741 933 or at [email protected].

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