Prevention of Children’s Accidents during the Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays the schools are closed, and as a result children spend more time at home, which is where most children’s accidents happen.

Some tips to avoid accidents during the Easter holidays:

  • Be careful with fireworks. Hundreds of children have been injured by flares and firecrackers. We only buy approved flares and remember to check their expiration date. We do not experiment with homemade constructions, and children must always be supervised by an adult.

    • We remind you that the burning of flares is only allowed for public entertainment purposes during official ceremonies, festivals, and celebrations, except for Easter celebrations.

  • Easter without burns. When we dye eggs and prepare Easter treats, we must never leave small children unattended in the kitchen

  • Be careful with the flame of the candle and the melted wax, as they can cause burns. Also, avoid candles decorated with flammable materials and explain to children how to handle them. Let’s not forget that the skin of small children is more sensitive than that of adults.

  • Extra caution with grills, barbecues and spits. The coals and red-hot irons are the cause of severe burns.

  • Food poisoning:

    • The safe consumption of dyed eggs requires proper storage before and after boiling.
    • Chocolate treats may spoil at high temperatures. Make sure to store them in a cool and dry place.

  • If we go to our country house, even for a few days, let’s make sure it’s safe. Pay particular attention to:

    • Balconies
    • Balcony doors & Windows
    • Stairs
    • Wells
    • Swimming pools

  • During countryside walks, make sure children wear appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes to protect them from insects and reptiles. If we engage in gardening, it’s essential to be very careful in storing pesticides and fertilizers.

  • Vacations and nice weather often provide an opportunity for bike rides. Children should learn to always wear a helmet to avoid potential head injuries.

  • With Easter comes the warm weather and the first swims. Pay attention to young children. It only takes a few seconds and a few inches of water for a child to drown.

  • During holidays when we go shopping and it’s crowded, always hold young children by the hand and keep them on the inner side of the sidewalk.

  • During car journeys, children should always wear their seat belt correctly and sit in the back seat. If children require our attention, we carefully stop at a safe point on the road before attending to them.

  • Many traffic accidents are due to the fact that children – passengers, disturb and distract parents – drivers. To maintain a calm atmosphere in the car, especially on long journeys, ensure that children have some safe toys with them to keep them occupied. It’s also important to plan some stops to allow children to move outside the car and then remain calm during the journey.

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