Prevention of Children’s Accidents during the Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays the schools are closed, and as a result children spend more time at home, which is where most children’s accidents happen. To avoid these accidents, an appropriate infrastructure is required, such as bars and safety glass, as well as proper supervision.

• We should place stickers on our glass doors at our children’s height, in order for them to see the doors better and to avoid injuries from broken glass, which are always severe and may even be fatal.

• When preparing Easter treats and painting eggs we should never leave the small children in the kitchen without supervision.

• Be careful with the candles! Avoid the ones with flammable decorations and show our children the correct way to hold them. The flame and melted wax can cause severe burns.

• Be very careful with fireworks and sparklers!!! They can prove to be deadly!

• Pay attention to the grills, barbecues and spits on Easter Sunday! The coals and red hot irons are the cause of severe burns.

• We must always hold our children’s hands and have them walking on the inside part of the sidewalk when we go out shopping with them.

• We must make sure that our place of residence during the holidays is safe for our children. We ought to pay special attention to: the balconies, windows, stairs, fireplaces and pools, and take the necessary safety precautions. If there are any rivers, wells, cisterns or other water storage places in the region, we must explain to our children the danger they present to them, and prevent them from playing near such places.

• When we are near water with children special attention is required due to the fact that they might drown in a matter of seconds and in only a few centimeters of water.

• The Easter holidays would also be a good opportunity to teach our children to always wear a safety helmet when riding their bike.

• When in the car children must always be seated at the back of the car and wear their seat belt. The car dealerships and car accessories stores can suggest a suitable seat for each child, taking into account their height and weight.

• Many traffic accidents occur due to the fact that the children bother and irritate the drivers. In order to have peace in the car, especially when driving long distances, we must ensure that the children have some safe games to occupy themselves with as well as protection from the sun (sunscreen, curtains for the car windows). Furthermore, some stops should be programmed, so that the children can move about, and then be calm for the rest of the journey.

• If our children demand our attention, first we stop the car on the side of the road, and then we deal with them.

• We must never sit at the back of the car with a child in our arms, even if we are wearing our seat belt. In case of an accident the child will act as an airbag.

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