”Pediatric Trauma Care” Newsletter – June 2015

Dear Friends,

We would like to inform you about the results of our efforts in the last six months and also about our future goals. The total cost of our project for this period amounts to : € 140.945,97.

During this time we managed to build and equip the sixth Trauma Center in Greece, in the ‘’Andreas Papandreou’’ General Hospital in Rhodes, thanks to the companies ‘’Hellenic Petroleum’’, ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ and ‘’John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation‘’ who funded the whole project, at a total cost of € 70.000.

The companies ‘’OTE’’ and ‘’COSMOTE’’ also very generously offered, through a special event with the message “No matter how much we offer children, they will always offer us more”, a Portable Ventilator (value € 14.637) and a Cardiograph (value € 1.107) to the Pediatric Department of the General Hospital in Arta, a Chlorocheck (value € 10.510,97) for the ‘’Aghia Sophia’’ Children’s Hospital in Athens and a Vein Viewer Vision 2 (value € 5.596,50) for the Trauma Center of the University Hospital of Evrou, in Alexandroupolis.

‘’Alpha Bank’’ adopted for yet another year the sponsorship of our Program on Trauma Prevention which includes presentations in kindergardens and primary schools, (value € 10.000). From January on we have made 18 presentations and we estimate to have visited a total of 30-35 schools by the end of 2015. It has been statistically proven that by introducing Trauma Prevention into schools the number and severity of accidents occurring has been reduced by up to 50%.

Thanks to the Group “Amalia” Hotels an A.P.L.S. (Advanced Pediatric Life Support) seminar was held in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS, and was attended by 32 doctors.

Once again “Pedtrauma” was invited to appear on several radio talk shows. Through these shows we were able to explain the importance of our work and to inform many students, parents and teachers on children’s safety.

Also, thanks to the generosity of the ‘’John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation‘’, the companies “Invitromed”, “Mega Disposables”, “ANAMET”, “ING”, “Plaisio”, “De Agostini”, Mr & Mrs Antonis Vourakis and members and friends who have helped us enormously, we were able to offer the following:

To the ”Paidon Pentelis” Children’s Hospital:

– One Ultrasound system (Sponsor: Mega Disposables S.A.)

To the ”University Hospital Evrou” in Alexandroupolis :

– One Jaundice Meter

– Additional equipment for the Vein Viewer Vision 2 (Sponsor: Invitromed)

A.P.L.S Seminars (Advanced Pediatric Life Support):

– One A.P.L.S. (Advanced Pediatric Life Support) Seminar in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS in Thessaloniki, attended by 32 doctors.

– One A.P.L.S. (Advanced Pediatric Life Support) Seminar in collaboration with the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and A.P.L.S. HELLAS, in Crete, attended by 24 doctors.

– One A.P.L.S. (Advanced Pediatric Life Support) Seminar in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS in Athens, attended by 20 doctors.

“Education on Trauma Prevention”:

– The printing of 30,000 brochures titled “Swimming Saves Lives” (Sponsor: John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation) which, together with our other brochures, will be distributed to pupils, teachers, parents and also to the hospitals.

To the Non Profit Organization ‘’Aegean Team’’:

-Toys, T-shirts and all our brochures, to be distributed to the children on the remote southern Aegean Islands.

Our future goals are the following :

– to create a Trauma Center at the ‘’Karamandaneio’’ Pediatric General Hospital in Patras

– to equip the Trauma Center at the ‘’Axillopouleio’’ General Hospital in Volos

– to complete the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital “PAGNI” in Crete

– to continue with the program “Support of Children with Respiratory Diseases”

– to continue to help the Pediatric Hospitals with the purchase of much needed equipment

– to continue with the program “Training of Medical and Nursing Staff on Pediatric Trauma Care”

– to continue the program for educating children on trauma prevention

Our work continues and we are making great efforts to ensure that children are kept safe and are offered the best possible medical attention when needed. We hope with your support to achieve our goals, thus providing the necessary attention and care for all our children.


Natasha Clive – Vrecossis                                                         Michael Sarris (Pediatrician)
President of the Board of Directors                                              Vice President of the Board of


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