”Pediatric Trauma Care” Newsletter – June 2013

Dear Friends,

We would like to inform you about the results of our efforts from October 2012 to date.

It is our great pleasure to announce that the total cost of our project in the last eight months amounts to:

€ 227.400.

In difficult times such as these, when the State is unable to cover even the most essential needs of the Pediatric Hospitals, Foundations, Companies and friends have helped us enormously, thus showing their sensitivity towards children.

In  our last newsletter, dated May 2012, we announced the impending construction of a fully equipped Trauma Center at one of the main Pediatric Hospitals in Athens “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou”, thanks to a grant by the Foundation “Stavros Niarchos”. The inauguration of the Trauma Center took place on the 15th of November 2012.

This year we started a new program that aims to donate medical equipment to the respective departments and units of the Pediatric Hospitals, in order to provide the highest quality care for children with respiratory diseases.  The program ” Support of Children with Respiratory Diseases” was first adopted in May 2013 by the TIMA Charitable Foundation and thanks to their grant we were able to equip the Pediatric Hospitals: “Aghia Sophia”, “Paidon Pentelis ” and the University Hospital “PAGNI” in Irakleion, Crete,  with equipment worth € 75,000.

The Company Ote-Cosmote offered the Pulmonary Function Lab for the Children’s Hospital “Aghia Sophia”, value € 45.000. 

The Company Norton Rose LLP offered equipment for the Pediatric Sleep Laboratory at the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sophia”, value € 25.000, to allow the assessment of children with genetic and neuromuscular diseases who hyperventilate or have seizures during their sleep.

The Company “Hellenic Petroleum” offered two electrical beds, one PICU nursing trolley and 6  non-invasive ventilation masks for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital “PAGNI” in Irakleion, Crete. They also sponsored a PLS ( Pediatric Life Support ) seminar for 24 nurses at the same University Hospital. The total value of the above amounts to € 20,000.

The Company “Mega Disposables” adopted the sponsorship of our Program on Trauma Prevention which includes speeches in kindergardens and primary schools. This year we held 26 presentations which were attended by 2,945 children. The cost of this program was € 8,000.

Thanks to the Group “Amalia” Hotels two A.P.L.S. ( Advanced Pediatric Life Support ) seminars were held in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS, attended by 67 doctors.

Also, thanks to the generosity of the National Bank, Alpha Bank, Attika Bank, Mr Ippokratis-George Klimis, Moraitis School, Mr. & Mrs. Antonis Vourakis, Mrs. Mina Nomidou-Patera, Mrs. Selli Koen-Namia, Mrs. Eleni Labridi, the group “The Helping Hand”, the companies Vasco Medical, ING, N.Papapostolou Ltd, Chicco , Plaisio and members and friends who have greatly helped us, we were able to offer the following:

To the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sophia”:

– Exhaled ΝΟ analyzer for asthmatic children
– 5 Oximeters
– 2 Blood Pressure Monitors

To the Children’s Hospital “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou”:

– Additional equipment needed for the Trauma Center
– Neopuff Infant Resuscitator

To the Hospital ‘’Paidon Pentelis’’

– 100 Babies Feeding Bottles

To the ‘’Ippocrateion’’ Thessaloniki’s General Hospital :

–  Washer-Disinfector for Surgical Instruments

To the University Hospital of Irakleion-Crete PAGNI:

– One PICU nursing trolley
– Medical equipment needed for Seminars
– Two P.L.S. (Pediatric Life Support) Seminars in collaboration with the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and A.P.L.S. HELLAS, attended by 51 nurses.

To the Athens Nursing Home:

– Saver one

To the Organization “Freedom Gate”:

– Equipment for the needs of the support program for children of incarcerated persons.

Our future goals are to create a Trauma  Center at the “Ippocrateion” General Hospital in Thessaloniki. Also to continue with the program “Support of Children with Respiratory Diseases”, to fully equip the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital “PAGNI” in Crete, and of course to continue to help the Pediatric Hospitals in Athens with the purchase of much needed equipment.

Our work seems to be growing daily as more and more Hospitals need our help. The situation in the Greek Pediatric Hospitals, though better than a few years age, is still pretty dire.


Natasha Clive – Vrecossis                                      Michael Sarris (Pediatrician)
President of the Board of Directors                          Vice President of the Board of Directors

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