OTE and COSMOTE: ”Day of Love-Day of Insiration”

The companies OTE and COSMOTE are supporting Pedtrauma’s work through the program «Day of Love – Day of Inspiration»

This year OTE and COSMOTE have reached the fifteenth year of charity work for children. In total, they have supported more than 40 non-governmental organizations giving them over 5,5 million euros, thus helping to improve the living conditions of children in need throughout Greece.

OTE and COSMOTE celebrated 15 years of charity work by offering 550.000 euro to 17 children’s organizations at a special event named «Day of Love – Day of Inspiration». The event was held to honour the work of the charities and the 4.500 volunteers who work daily to improve the lives of more than 150.000 children.

Mr. Michael Tsamaz, President and CEO of the Group OTE, said during the event: «We need to leave our four walls and see what’s happening around us. Especially anything related to the lives of our children leaves no margin for comfort. All of us can and should help change the situation in which we live. We in the OTE Group consider the programs and actions for this cause a timeless commitment».

Pedtrauma was amongst the (17) charitable organizations. The amount that was given to the charities was raised from the revenue of the calls made by OTE’s clients during the Christmas Holidays, as well as that of the New Year’s SMS and MMS of COSMOTE’s clients.

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