University General Hospital of Larissa

 Trauma Center & Intensive Care Unit 
03/2016Portable ventilator (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 22.625,85
03/2016Mobile monitor (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 1.943,40
03/20165 Volumetric infusion pumps (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 5.535,00
03/20165 Infusion pumps (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 4.305,00
03/2016Electronic blood pressure monitor oximeter (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 2.103,30
03/2016Bedsite pulse oximeter (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 1.722,00
03/2016Portable pulse oximeter (Sponsor: OTE Group)€ 984,00
03/2016Equipment for mobile monitor (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”)€ 658,67
03/2016Equipment for bedside pulse oximeter (Sponsor: ”Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”)€ 1.070,10
 Total:€ 40.947,32

March 2016


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have fully equipped the tenth Trauma Center in Greece, in the University General Hospital of Larissa. The Trauma Center was funded by OTE Group.


larisa tep
Trauma Center
larisa monada auksimenos frontidas
Intensive Care Unit
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