English Circular – May 2012

Dear Friends,

 We would like to keep you updated as to the results of our efforts from January to date.

To begin with we would like to express our immense gratitude to all the Companies and to many of our members and friends who have supported us in these extremely difficult times. Their trust in us and our work during a period where suspicion is rife gives us the courage and the strength to continue.

The Foundation ” Stavros Niarchos ” approved a large grant to us in order to create a Trauma Center for injured children at the Children’s Hospital “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou”. The total cost for the construction and equipment needed for this center amounts to : € 70,000.

The Company “Cosmote” accepted our request to cover the cost of a full Labaroscopic Tower for the children’s Hospital “Paidon Pentelis”. It is the first time children will be able to undergo surgery labaroscopically in this hospital, which is the third largest public children’s hospital in the greater Attika area. 

The cost amounts to : € 31,600.

The following Companies : ELPE  S.A. ( Greek Petroleum S.A. ) , “Alpha – Beta” Vassilopoulos S.A., MEGA S.A., Attiki Odos S.A., Plaisio S.A., and also members and friends have helped us considerably and thus we were able to offer the Public Hospitals the following equipment :

     –   3 Oximeters to the Children’s Hospital “Paidon Pentelis”.

     –   2 Oximeters to the Children’s Hospital “P.& A. Kyriakou”.

     –   2 Blood Pressure Monitors to the Children’s Hospital “Aghia Sophia”.

     –   A hospital bed and mattress for the Department of Pediatric ICU at the General Hospital “Ippocration” in Thessaloniki.

     –   A portable Intubation Bronchoscope for the “Ippocration”.

     –   An Intraosseous set for the “Ippocration”.                                                                                                                     

 We also funded an Advanced Pediatric Life Support seminar for 32 Doctors. This was held at the largest public Children’s Hospital in Athens “Aghia Sophia”.

 We continued our presentations to children at public schools on Trauma Prevention. This year we visited 25 schools.

The total cost of this project from January to date amounts to : € 134,500.

Our next projects are: the creation of a Trauma Center at the General Hospital “Ippocration” in Thessaloniki, and also the purchase of equipment for the Pulmonary Function Lab for the Children’s Hospital “Aghia Sophia” in Athens.

The requests for assistance are coming in daily from the children’s hospitals all over Greece. We are about to start helping the University Hospital in Ioannina and then our next step will be Crete.

As you can imagine due to the economic situation in our country the funds for charity have become very scarce. As we are not helped by the Greek State we rely solely on donations from Friends and private companies.


Natasha Clive-Vrecossis

President of the Board of Directors

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