Burns and Safety

Burns can be caused by fire, hot food or objects, chemicals, electricity and the sun.

To avoid burns:

• We should not allow children to approach the electric stove because the oven and the hotplates can cause burns. We should, also, inform children that cookware may contain hot oil, water or food. Therefore, it is preferable to use the back part of the hob when cooking and make sure the handles of the pans never protrude.

• We should not leave the electric iron in places accessible by children before or after use.

• We should not allow children to use and play with lighters, matches or small electric appliances (e.g. toaster, gas stove).

• We should never leave children alone near a fireplace, stove or other hot surfaces.

• We should not smoke in the house. Cigarettes must be kept where children cannot reach them.

• We store chemicals (e.g. detergents) where they cannot be reached by children.

• Use safety sockets or put caps on existing ones and replace old and damaged wires. We let children know about the risk of electric shock when using electrical appliances.

• Avoid sun exposure to the sun, especially during summer months. When we go out in the sun, we always wear hats and sunglasses, and we use sunscreen, which should be applied every 2 hours. We select light-colored and cotton clothes.

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