Annual Report 1/11/2012 – 31/10/2013

Dear Members,

This past year has been an extremely creative one for our Charity. Although Greece is going through such a difficult period we were able to continue the programs  ”Education on Trauma Prevention” in kindergartens and elementary schools,”Training of Medical and Nursing Staff in Pediatric Trauma Care” and also to offer medical equipment to the Pediatric Hospitals.

The total cost of our project for this year amounts to € 220.396.

As we mentioned in our ” Newsletter” in June, we have begun a new program that aims to donate medical equipment to the respective departments and units of the Pediatric Hospitals, in order to provide the highest quality care for children with respiratory diseases.

The program ” Support of Children with Respiratory Diseases” was first adopted in May 2013 by the TIMA Charitable Foundation and thanks to their grant we were able to equip the Pediatric Hospitals: ”Aghia Sophia”, ”Paidon Pentelis” and the University Hospital ”PAGNI” in Irakleion, Crete. Our goal is to promote this program as much as possible as there is a considerable increase in the frequency of respiratory diseases in children.

Specifically, our Organization has offered:

To the Pediatric Hospital ”Agia Sophia”:

–    Equipment for the Pulmonary Function Lab  (Sponsor: ”OTE-COSMOTE”) value € 44.895.
–    Upgrade of current videobronchoscopy system with flexible bronschoscope for infants (2.2mm) (Sponsor: ”TIMA Charitable Foundation”) value € 25.830.
–    Polysomnography equipment with capnometer and video (pediatric sleep laboratory) (Sponsor: ”Norton Rose LLP”) value € 23.631,20.
–    2 Blood Pressure Monitors (Sponsor: ”National Bank of Greece”) value € 4.674.
–    Exhaled NO analyzer for asthmatic children (Sponsor:”National Bank of Greece”) value € 3.259,50.
–    2 Oximeters(Sponsor: ”Helping Hands”) value € 2.183.
–    2 Oximeters (Sponsor: ”National Bank of Greece”) value € 2.183.
–    1 Oximeter  (Sponsor: ”Alpha Bank”) value € 1.091,50.
–    Laptop for the Polysomnography equipment with capnometer and video (pediatric sleep laboratory) (Sponsor: ”Norton Rose LLP”) value € 569,45.

To the Pediatric Hospital “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou”:

–    Resuscitator (Sponsor: ”Alpha Bank”) value € 1.107.

To the Pediatric Hospital ”Paidon Pentelis”:

–    Fiberoptic Bronchoscope Olympus (Sponsor: ”TIMA Charitable Foundation”) value € 19.680.
–    100 Babies Feeding Bottles (Sponsor: ”Chicco”).

To the ”Ippocrateion ”  General Hospital in Thessaloniki:

–    Washer-Disinfector for Surgical Instruments (Sponsor: ”Mr George-Ippokratis Klimis”)    value € 10.000.

To the University Hospital of Irakleion-Crete ”PAGNI”:

–    Supply of ventilators in PICU of synchronous technology that will support all the invasive and noninvasive modes of ventilation with the synchronous methods of computation of          mechanical properties  (Sponsor: ”TIMA Charitable Foundation”) value € 23.370.
–    Two Electrical beds (Sponsor: “HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.”) value € 14.637.
–    Medical equipment needed for Seminars value € 5.832,67.
–    Upgrades of servo-I ventilator that exists in their PICU (Sponsor: ”TIMA Charitable Foundation”) value € 3.899,10.
–    Automatic humidifier of ventilation gas (Sponsor: ”TIMA Charitable Foundation”) value € 2.214.
–    6 Noninvasive masks for ventilation  (Sponsor: “HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.”) value € 1.527,66.
–    One PICU Nursing trolley (Sponsor: “HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.”) value € 1.435,41.
–    One PICU Nursing trolley (Sponsor: ”N.Papapostolou Ltd”) value € 1.435,41.

To the Athens Nursing Home:

–    Saver one (Sponsor: ”Vasco Medical”) value € 1.455.

To the Organization “Freedom Gate”:

–    Equipment for the needs of the support program for children of incarcerated persons  value € 286.


Thanks to the Group “Amalia” Hotels two A.P.L.S. ( Advanced Pediatric Life Support ) seminars were held in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS, attended by 67 doctors, value € 6.700.

The Company ” HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. ” sponsored a  P.L.S. seminar  (Pediatric Life Support) in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS and the University Hospital of Irakleion-Crete ”PAGNI” attended by 24 nurses, value € 2.400.

”Pedtrauma” sponsored two P.L.S. (Pediatric Life Support) seminars in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS and the University Hospital of Irakleion-Crete ”PAGNI” attended by 51 nurses, value € 5.100.


”Pedtrauma” continued the program ”Prevention of Children’s Accidents” and distributed brochures to the children and parents we met. To date we have spoken to 32,463 children and 2,537 teachers and parents.

The Company “Mega Disposables S.A.” adopted the sponsorship of our Program on Trauma Prevention for this year, value €8.000. We held 31 presentations which were attended by 2.788 children, teachers and parents.


In November 2012 the Jewellery store ”’VOURAKIS” made our New Years good luck charm, the sale of which helped our fund-raising efforts. 

On 26th November 2012 Mrs Eleni Lambridi held an “Open Evening” at her offices in Voulis St., Syntagma Square, where she had a sale of her silverware and gifts in aid of our Charity.

On 16th December 2012 the Student’s Commitee, the Highschool students and the Parents Drive of Moraiti School organized their annual Christmas Bazaar. This year the funds raised were offered to ”Pedtrauma”.

From the 17th-21st December 2012 ”Pedtrauma” was invited to participate in the Christmas Bazaar held in the Headquarters of the Insurance Company ING.
On 20th April 2013 a Bazaar was held at the residence of Mrs Mina Nomidou Patera.Mrs Mina Nomidou Patera with her beautiful handmade jewellery and Mrs Selli Koen Namia with her delicate hand-painted porcelain, organized this event in order to support ”Pedtrauma”.

On Saturday 2nd June 2013 Mr and Mrs Theodore Koukoula christened their son Alexios. Wanting to support ”Pedtrauma” they suggested to their guests instead of gifts to make a donation to the organization.  

The Exhibition ”The Garden” by Claire Tsalouhidou-Chatziminas was inaugurated on 24th September and lasted up until 19th October. The exhibition was a great success and part of the proceeds will be offered to the ”Pediatric Trauma Care”.

On Friday  18th  and Saturday 19th October from 10.00 to 17.00 ,we organised our Autumn Bazaar at Vasileos Georgiou B’ Square  in Paleo Psychiko.
At the Bazaar you could find books for all ages, toys, homeware, homemade treats and also a wide selection of clothes and accessories.

Such generous initiatives help us, both financially and morally, to continue our work.


– To create a Trauma  Center at the “Ippocrateion” General Hospital in Thessaloniki  (estimated cost €70.000).

– To equip the Trauma Center at the University Hospital “PAGNI” in Irakleion, Crete (estimated cost  € 57.195). 

–  To continue the program “Support of Children with Respiratory Diseases”. The current requests of Pediatric Hospitals for this program amounts to € 94.108.

–  To help the Pediatric Hospitals in Athens with the purchase of much needed equipment. The current requests of Pediatric Hospitals amounts to € 114.507.

–  To finance Pediatric Life Support seminars held for nurses and the Advanced Pediatric Life Support seminars held for doctors and surgeons. The current requests of this program amounts to € 16.500.

– To continue the program ”Prevention of Children’s Accidents”  (estimated cost € 10.000). 

Total budget for these goals:  € 362.310.


This year 5 new members were enrolled.


Before Ash Monday, Easter, Summer and at the beginning of the school year, newspapers and magazines published our articles on Prevention of Children’s Accidents. These articles can be found on our website

Our Brochures were distributed to schools, kindergartens and Parent Associations at the presentations of ”Prevention of Children’s Accidents”.

During the course of the year we printed 20,000 brochures titled ”Safety during Summer Holidays” (Sponsor: ”HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.”), 20.000 brochures “Safety at School ” (Sponsor: ”Mega Disposables S.A.”)and 20.000 brochures ”Respect the Animals”  (Sponsor: ”NESTLE HELLAS S.A.”).


Alpha Bank continues to support our Organization by including us in their list of charities to benefit from their Bonus Points credit card program. (American Express, Visa, Mastercard) .


We would of course like to thank our Sponsors and Friends who have helped us throughout the year with their donations. Without them we would not have been able to achieve all of the above. 

We would also like to express our gratitude to all our Anonymous donors and to the following Foundations, Companies and Individuals:

–    TIMA Charitable Foundation 
–    Mr Dimitris Sofianopoulos – Norton Rose LLP
–    Mr George-Ippokratis Klimis
–    Mrs Lida Vitouladitou, Mega Disposables S.A.
–    Mr Konstantinos Koulouvatos – “Amalia” Group of Hotels
–    National Bank of Greece 
–    Alpha Bank 
–    Attica Bank
–    Jewellery store ”VOURAKIS” – Mr & Mrs Antoni Vouraki
–    Student’s Commitee of Moraiti School 
–    Mrs Mina Nomidou Patera
–    Mrs Selli Koen Namia
–    Mrs Eleni Lambridi
–    Mrs Claire Tsalouhidou-Chatziminas 
–    Mr & Mrs Koukoula
–    Group ”The Helping Hand”
–    ING
–    Newspaper  “ESTIA”, Mr Alexis Zaousis
–    Mr & Mrs Ioanni Menoudakou
–    Mrs Andriana Gioti-Mytilinaiou
–    Mr Leonidas Georgopoulos – Lawyer 
–    Mr Athanasios Manolopoulos – Vasco Medical
–    Mrs Dorothy Papapostolou – Ν.PAPAPOSTOLOU LTD.
–    Chicco
–    Capital Link
–    EuroCharity E.E.
–    Municipality Filotheis-Psychikou, Mr Dimitrios Galanis, Deputy Mayor
–    Mrs Evi Psathidou-  La Chocolatiere 
–    Mrs Irene Plati – ”Menoo all about taste”
–    Mr G. Gerardos, PLAISIO COMPUTERS S.A.
–    Mr George Varsos- VARSOS- KIFISIA S.A.
–    Mrs Christina Karella
–    Mamidoil – JetOil S.A.
–    Mr Vasilis Nikolakis – Ballonoorama
–    Intimissimi

2014 will be a difficult year for all of us. As you know we are not assisted in our work with the Hospitals by the Greek State and therefore we continue to rely solely upon your assistance. If, apart from your personal support, you know of other people or Companies who might be partial to the cause of helping to reduce the number and the severity of injured children in Greece we ask you to please let us know, or put them in touch with us.

We wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

      Natasha Clive – Vrecossis                                         Michalis Sarris 
President of the Board of Directors                   Vice-president of the Board of Directors 

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