Annual Report 1/11/2014 – 31/10/2015

‘’Pediatric Trauma Care’’ continues its efforts to raise awareness on children’s accidents in Greece, reduce their number and severity and improve care once an accident has occurred.

‘’Pedtrauma’’ follows the immediate needs of Pediatric Hospitals in order to provide the necessary equipment, finances seminars on trauma care for doctors and surgeons, and educates children on trauma prevention. Unfortunately, due to the difficult period Greece has been going through, our work has become more difficult as the requests for medical equipment from the Hospitals have multiplied, and the need for presentations on trauma prevention and A.P.L.S. ( Advanced Pediatric Life Support ) and B.L.S. ( Basic Life Support ) seminars has increased.

From 2010 until today over 200.000 children have benefited from our Charity.

Annual Report 1st November 2014 – 31st October 2015

This year we managed to open the sixth Trauma Center in the ’’Andreas Papandreou’’ General Hospital in Rhodes, thanks to grants from the companies ’’Hellenic Petroleum’’ ,‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ and the ‘’John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation’’.

‘’Pedtrauma’’ also purchased equipment for the following Hospitals:

– General Hospital of Arta

– ”University Hospital Evrou” in Alexandroupolis

– ”Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital

– ”Paidon Pentelis” Children’s Hospital

– ’’Andreas Papandreou’’ General Hospital in Rhodes

More specifically :

To the ‘’General Hospital of Arta’’:

– A portable ventilator (Sponsor: ‘’OTE-COSMOTE’’) value € 14.637.

– A cardiograph (Sponsor: ‘’OTE-COSMOTE’’) value € 1.107.

To the ‘’University Hospital Evrou’’ in Alexandroupolis:

– A Vein Viewer Vision 2 (Sponsor: ‘’OTE-COSMOTE’’) value € 5.596,50.

– A jaundice meter. value € 2.700.

– Additional equipment for the Vein Viewer Vision 2 (Sponsor:‘’Invitromed’’) value € 6.088,50.

To the ‘’Aghia Sophia’’ Children’s Hospital:

– A chlorocheck (Sponsor: ‘’OTE-COSMOTE’’) value € 10.510,97.

– A portable capnograph with oximeter (Sponsor: ‘’Grace Foundation’’) value € 3.367,74.

To the ‘’Paidon Pentelis’’ Children’s Hospital:

– An Ultrasound system (Sponsor: ‘’Mega Disposables S.A.’’) value € 3.700.

To the ‘’Andreas Papandreou’’ General Hospital in Rhodes:

– A Trauma Center (Sponsor: ’’Hellenic Petroleum’’, ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ and ‘’John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation’’) value € 70.000.

– An intraosseous vascular access system (Sponsor: ‘’Grace Foundation’’) value € 848,70.

– 15 Central venous catheters (Sponsor: ’’TELEFLEX MEDICAL HELLAS’’) value € 667,89.

To the‘’Aegean Team’’:

– Toys (Sponsor: ‘’De Agostini’’) and T-shirts (Sponsor: ‘’ANEZOULAKIS BROS FIERATEX S.A.’’) value € 4.106.


Thanks to the Group “Amalia” Hotels, one A.P.L.S. ( Advanced Pediatric Life Support ) seminar was held in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS, attended by 32 doctors ( value € 3.200 ).
”Pedtrauma” sponsored another three A.P.L.S. seminars in collaboration with A.P.L.S. HELLAS (Athens, Thessaloniki and Irakleion-Crete ) attended by 76 doctors ( value € 4.800 ).


”Pedtrauma” continued the program ”Prevention of Children’s Accidents” and distributed brochures to the children, teachers and parents attending. To date we have spoken to 37.629 children and 2.872 teachers and parents.

“Alpha Bank” adopted the sponsorship of our Program on Pediatric Trauma Prevention for yet another year (value € 10.000). We held 39 presentations (from 1st November 2013 until 31st October 2014) which were attended by 2.458 children.

Our Brochures were distributed to Schools, Kindergartens and Parent Associations in the greater Attika area during the presentations. They were also distributed to many other schools and hospitals throughout Greece.

During the course of the year we printed 30.000 leaflets of a new brochure titled ‘’Swimming Saves Lives’’ (Sponsor: ”John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation”) value € 4,500.

The total cost of our project for this year amounts to € 145.830.

Today, having found the sponsors, we are preparing four more Trauma Centers. These will be included in next year’s Annual Report as they will be completed in 2016.
The Hospitals are the following:

– The 7th Trauma Center – at the ‘’Karamandaneio’’ General Hospital in Patras

– The 8th Trauma Center – at the University General Hospital of Larissa

– The 9th Trauma Center – at the ‘’Axillopouleio’’ General Hospital in Volos

– The 10th Trauma Center – at the General Hospital of Lamia

The total cost for these four Trauma Centers amounts to € 154.500.


In November 2014 the Jewellery store ”VOURAKIS” made our New Years good luck charm, the sale of which helped our fund-raising efforts.

From the 15th-19th December 2014 we were invited to participate in the Christmas Bazaar held at the Headquarters of the Insurance Company ”ING”.

“Pedtrauma” organized a small Christmas Lottery. The Lottery Draw was held at our offices on the 20th January 2015.

For yet another year we organized an Easter Lottery. The Lottery Draw was held at our offices on 2nd April 2015 and it was a great success.

The companies OTE and COSMOTE, with the message “No matter how much we offer children, they will always offer us more”, celebrated this year their support to more than 150,000 children in need all over Greece, as well as promoting volunteerism among their employees. “Pedtrauma” was amongst the charitable organizations which they supported.

On 7th May 2015, we took part in the event ‘’Road Safety Institute – Panos Mylonas (IOAS)’’ during the third Global Road Safety Week which was held at Korai Square.Τhe visitors had the opportunity to learn about our Charity, and receive our brochures.

‘’Pedtrauma’’ gave brochures on Trauma Prevention and toys to the Charity “Aegean Team’’ in order to be distributed on the islands which they visited last summer (Koufonisi, Sikinos, Thirasia, Anafi, Astypalaia, Patmos, Arkoi, Leipsoi, Agathonisi, Fournoi, Thymaina).

On 9th May 2015 Mr and Mrs Nikou Georgakopoulou christened their son Antonios. Wanting to support ”Pedtrauma” they suggested to their guests that instead of gifts they make a donation to our organization. Many people made contributions and a large amount of money was raised.

The company ANAMET continues to support us through the program CAR4CARE . For every car brought to them for recycling, ANAMET pays the amount of € 50 to a charity chosen by the owner of the car, from the list of organizations that ANAMET supports. If you, or somebody you know, is planning to turn his car in for recycling, please visit the website under the heading ”Child” and select ”Pedtrauma”.

On 6th June 2015, Pedtrauma took part in the 13th Volunteering Festival which was held at Thissio. Τhe visitors had the opportunity to learn about our Charity and the various projects we are currently working on, and to receive our booklets on Safety at home, at school, during athletics, etc.

We also participated in the 5th Annual Capital Link CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in Greece Forum which was held at the Athens Hilton Hotel, on June 25th, 2015.

From July 2015 we are taking part in a new program. This program, run by the APPCO GROUP HELLAS, offers our Charity 20% on the net profit from the sale of certain products. ( You can see all the items by visiting our website ).

On Wednesday July 15th 2015 the Trauma Center of the ”Andreas Papandreou” General Hospital in Rhodes was inaugurated. The Trauma Center was funded by the generous donations of the companies ‘’Hellenic Petroleum’’, ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ and the “John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation “. During the ceremony speeches were given by the Governor of the ”Andreas Papandreou” General Hospital in Rhodes, Mr Vasilis Papanikolas, by the President of the Medical Association of Rhodes Mr Christos Mantas, by the Director of the Emergency Department of the ”Andreas Papandreou” General Hospital, Mr George Triantos and by our President, Mrs Natasha Clive-Vrecossis,.

This year, we are also participating in a new program run by PhilAction. When buying a product, if you send a photo of the item and a copy of the receipt to PhilAction, a small percentage of the cost will be given by the seller to one of the charities listed on PhilAction’s site. By choosing “Pedtrauma” the money will be directed to us. (

”Pedtrauma” was awarded the GOLD Award, in the category “Health and Prevention”, by the “Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2015” which was organized by Boussias Communications and the magazine Marketing Week. The awards ceremony was held on September 15th 2015, at the Balux Prive Club. The ceremony was attended by over 300 senior business executives of Greek companies. The prizes were awarded for distinguished projects and initiatives.

‘’Pedtrauma’’ offered the ‘’Agios Eleftherios’’ Church in Halandri clothes, shoes and toys for people in need.

We also gave brochures on Trauma Prevention to the “Aegean Team’’ in order to be distributed on the island of Amorgos. The “Aegean Team” visited Amorgos from 8th – 11th October 2015.

On 18th October 2015 a Bazaar was held at the residence of Mr and Mrs Theodoros Koukoulas, where clothes for children and adults, books and toys were sold.

Such generous initiatives help us, both financially and morally, to continue our work.


-To complete the four Trauma Centers (”Karamandaneio” General Hospital in Patras, ‘’Axillopouleio’’ General Hospital in Volos, University General Hospital of Larissa and General Hospital of Lamia) (cost € 154.500).

– To create a Trauma Center in the Corfu General Hospital (estimated cost € 70.000).

– To equip the Trauma Center at the ”Vostanio” General Hospital in Mytilini (estimated cost € 50.000)

– To complete the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital “PAGNI” in Crete (estimated cost € 75.230).

– To help the Pediatric Hospitals with the purchase of much needed equipment. The current requests from Pediatric Hospitals (‘’University Hospital Evrou’’ in Alexandroupolis, ”Ippocration” Thessaloniki’s General Hospital ) amounts to € 46.350.

– To finance Advanced Pediatric Life Support seminars for doctors, surgeons and ambulance paramedics. The current requests for this program amounts to € 16.000.

– To continue the program ”Prevention of Children’s Accidents” (estimated cost € 10.000).

Total budget for these goals: € 422.080.


This year four new members were enrolled.

Furthermore, this year we started the group ‘’Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care’’, whose members support our Organization with the amount of € 1.000 annually. Due to the economic conditions prevailing in our country, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to cover our operating costs and to purchase low-value equipment for Hospitals (the high value equipment is sponsored by Companies and Foundations) .The support of our ” Friends ” is crucial both to our existence and to be able to continue helping the injured child.


For yet another year many television and radio programs showed great interest in our Charity and especially in trauma prevention. Through these programs we were able to inform a much larger audience on the subject of children’s safety, and how to protect our children from accidents.

Over Christmas, Ash Monday, Easter, Summer and at the beginning of the school year, newspapers and magazines published our articles on Prevention of Children’s Accidents. You can read these articles on our website


Alpha Bank continues to support our Organization by including us in their list of charities to benefit from their Bonus Points credit card program. (American Express, Visa, Mastercard)


We would of course like to thank our Members, Friends and Sponsors who have helped us throughout the year with their donations. Without them we would not have been able to achieve all of the above.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all our Anonymous donors and to the following Foundations, Companies and Individuals:


– John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

– Mr Dimitris Sofianopoulos – Norton Rose Fulbright Geece


– Mr George-Ippokratis Klimis

– Alpha Bank

– Mr Konstantinos Kallithrakas – Invitromed

– Grace Foundation

– Mr Konstantinos Koulouvatos – “Amalia” Group of Hotels

– Mrs Lida Vitouladitou – Mega Disposables S.A.


– Mr & Mrs John Menoudakos

– Mr & Mrs Antonis Vourakis – Jewellery store ”VOURAKIS”



– Mr Leonidas Georgopoulos – Law Office ‘’Kyriakidis – Georgopoulos’’

– Mr & Mrs Nikou Georgakopoulou

– Mr Lois Koulouris

– Capital Link

– Global Sustain


– Boussias Communications

– The magazine ‘’Marketing Week’’


– Mr George Varsos- VARSOS- KIFISIA S.A.

– Mr & Mrs George Plakogiannakis

– Mrs Marianna Petridi

– Mr Dimitrios Asimakis

– Restaurant Gaspar

– Public Cafe

– Holmes Place

– Institute ”Renato”




– Mrs Katerina Gkrintza

– Mr Michalis Mavrakis

– Company VIGOSS

– Mrs Eleni Labridi

– Mrs Evi Psathidou – La Chocolatiere

– Studio 7 Florescence


– Philaction



– De Agostini


– Mr Vasilis Nikolakis – Ballonoorama

Communication Sponsors:

– Mega Channel



– Global TV


– Radio Athens 984

– Radio Alpha 989

– Radio Piraeus Church 91,2

– Radio Skai 100,3

– Newspaper ‘’Estia’’

– Newspaper ‘’Dimokratia’’

– Newspaper ‘’Espresso’’

We believe that 2016 will be a very productive year as we have already managed to achieve many of our goals. We wish to express our gratitude to all of you because it is thanks to you that we were able to complete all these projects.

Your continued support is vital for us to continue our work.

We wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year !

      Natasha Clive – Vrecossis                                                          Michalis Sarris

President of the Board of Directors                                Vice-president of the Board of Directors

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