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It has been proven that most children’s accidents occur during the summer holidays. At this time of year the schools are closed and this means children have more free time, often without supervision. It is also a period when people go on holiday near the sea or in the mountains.

A large part of Greece is surrounded by sea and countless islands, and has many lakes, rivers and currents.

Due to the good weather most of the time the beaches are crowded with people.

During the Easter holidays the schools are closed, and as a result children spend more time at home, which is where most children’s accidents happen. To avoid these accidents, an appropriate infrastructure is required, such as bars and safety glass, as well as proper supervision.

Ash Monday, also known as Monday of Lent, is the day we fly kites. It is a tradition which brings a lot of joy to the family, especially the children. Unfortunately though this custom often results in accidents occuring. To avoid them we must:

Always fly the kite in open areas, away from cliffs and never from a terrace. Tragically, every year, there are many serious and sometimes fatal injuries when people fall from great heights while flying kites.

Young children are, by nature, full of curiosity, and their sense of danger is not fully developed, which is why they are particularly prone to accidents. Growing up, while they do develop a sense of danger, they are also influenced by other factors, such as the need to show off, a reaction to laws and to the advice of adults, and the appeal of adventure, which results in them still remaining accident-prone. For these reasons, it is important that they learn from a young age how to protect themselves (and not to put themselves in harms way).

Christmas! Days full of light! Be careful with the candles and the fireplaces in order to avoid burns.

The fancy crystal balls on the tree can easily become the cause of a young child's accident. Let's place it high up on the tree.

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