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Health Center of Hydra

10/2017 Equipment for the Pediatric Clinic (Sponsor: MYTILINEOS S.A.)  6.699,60
  Total: € 6.699,60

January 2018


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have equipped the Pediatric Clinic of the Health Center in Hydra with the necessary machinery, with funding provided by MYTILINEOS S.A.

 ydra pinakida   
ydra 2
  Health Center                                                Blood pressure monitor

  ydra 1


Latest news

  • Announcement for the General Hospital of Edessa

    edessa ekso

    It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have equipped the 27th Trauma Center in Greece, in the General Hospital of Pella - Hospital Unit of Edessa, with funds provided by the George Youroukos family.

  • Current Requests

    ameses englishPlease find here attached a list of the requirements of medical equipment for the Paediatric Departments of Hospitals, for the program ‘’Training of Medical and Nursing Staff in Paediatric Trauma Care and also for the program ‘’Education on Trauma Prevention’’.