Accidents are the leading cause of children's deaths in Greece.

"Pediatric Trauma Care" is a non profit Organisation whose mission is to help reduce the number and severity of children's accidents in Greece. 
There are many types of accidents: road accidents, falls, poisoning, burns, drowning, asphyxiation,electrocution, etc. Each year approximately 500,000 children are injured in accidents , of which about 700 die and 3,000 suffer permanent disabilities.
In order to reduce this unbelievably high number "Pedtrauma" has organized and developed the following sectors:
Education of children on Trauma Prevention and the handing out of leaflets to this effect; Training and further education of doctors, nurses and paramedics through Advanced Paediatric Life Support seminars; Creation of Trauma Centers in the main Children's Hospitals throughout Greece; and the Purchase of essential Medical Equipment needed by these Hospitals.

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  • Announcement

    paxoi ekso

    It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have equipped with the necessary machinery the Paediatric Clinic of the Health Center in Paxos.

  • Current Requests

    ameses englishPlease find here attached a list of the requirements of medical equipment for the Paediatric Departments of Hospitals, for the program ‘’Training of Medical and Nursing Staff in Paediatric Trauma Care and also for the program ‘’Education on Trauma Prevention’’.

  • Announcement

    filiates ekso

    It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we have equipped the 22nd Trauma Center in Greece in the General Hospital-Health Center of Filiates.

  • Trauma Prevention on Ash Monday

    kathara deutera

    Ash Monday, also known as Monday of Lent, is the day we fly kites. It is a tradition which brings a lot of joy to the family, especially the children. Unfortunately though this custom often results in accidents occuring. To avoid them we must: