Brief history

Athens, 25 July 2019


Brief History
The Charity ''Pediatric Trauma Care'' is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded in 1998 in Athens by a small number of doctors and parents. Its sole purpose is to raise awareness on children's accidents in Greece, reduce their number and severity and to improve care once an accident has occurred. According to the statistics of Hospitals and Health Centers equipped by “Pedtrauma”, in 2018 more than 220,000 children have passed through the Trauma Centers and the Paediatric Departments.

From 2010 up to the present date over 700.000 children have benefitted from our Charity.

Trauma Centers

''Pedtrauma's'' main objective is to open Trauma Centers in all the major Public Children's Hospitals in Athens and throughout Greece. We have already managed in the last few years to build and equip 29 Trauma Centers in the following Hospitals:

- "Paidon Pentelis", thanks to the sponsorship of John V. Vardinogiannis (year: 2011).

- "Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou", thanks to the "Stavros Niarchos" Foundation (year: 2012).

- ''Ippocration'' Thessaloniki's General Hospital, thanks to OTE- COSMOTE (year: 2014).

- The University Hospital "PAGNI" in Irakleion, Crete, thanks to the Companies ''Norton Rose Fulbright Greece'', ''Hellenic Petroleum'' and an Anonymous donor (year: 2014).

- The ''University Hospital Evrou'' in Alexandroupolis, thanks to the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation (year: 2014).

- The ‘’Andreas Papandreou’’ General Hospital in Rhodes, thanks to the Companies ‘’Hellenic Petroleum’’, ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ and ‘’John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation’’ (year: 2015).

- The ‘’Axillopouleio’’ General Hospital in Volos, thanks to the Company ‘’Norton Rose Fulbright Greece’’ (year: 2016).

- The General Hospital of Lamia thanks to the Family George Giouroukou (year: 2016).

- The ''Karamandaneio'' General Hospital in Patras, thanks to the ''OTE Group of Companies'' (year: 2016).

- The University General Hospital of Larissa, thanks to the ''OTE Group of Companies'' (year: 2016).

- The ''Vostanio'' General Hospital in Mytilini (year: 2016).

- The Corfu General Hospital, thanks to the hotel MarBella Corfu (year: 2016).

- The General Hospital of Karpenisi, thanks to ''OTE Group of Companies'' (year: 2017).

- The General Hospital of Chalkidiki, thanks to Sani Resort & Ikos Resorts  (year: 2017).

- The ''Andreas Papandreou'' General Hospital of Pyrgos, thanks to the Company ''Norton Rose Fulbright Greece'' (year: 2017).

- The General Hospital of Livadeia, thanks to the Company MYTILINEOS S.A. (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Larissa, thanks to the “Friends of Pediatric Trauma Care”, MYTILINEOS S.A., PAPAPOSTOLOU N. S.A., DRAEGER HELLAS, SIGMA MEDICAL, KOTSOVOLOS and the “Théâtre Grec de Genève”. (year: 2018).

- The University General Hospital ''ATTIKON'', thanks to the “OTE Group of Companies” (year : 2018).

- The General Hospital of Karditsa, thanks to VISA (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Trikala, thanks to VISA (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Chania "St. George", thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Rethymno, thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2018).

- The University General Hospital of Ioannina, thanks to the Company MYTILINEOS S.A.(year: 2018).

- The General Hospital - Health Center of Filiates, thanks to the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company SYN-ENOSIS within the framework of the programme “Collaborating for Health” (year: 2018).

- The General Hospital of Veria, thanks to the ‘’OTE Group of Companies’’ (year: 2019).

- The General Hospital of Ptolemaida “Mpodosakeio” thanks to the George Youroukos family (year: 2019).

- The General Hospital of Pella - Hospital Unit of Edessa thanks to the George Youroukos family (year: 2019).

- The General Hospital – Health Center of Karystos, thanks to an Anonymous Donor (year: 2019).

- The General Hospital – Health Center of Kythira thanks to “THE HELLENIC INITIATIVE AUSTRALIA” (year: 2019).

Equipment for Paediatric Hospitals

In the last few years we have been asked by the Hospitals to help them acquire much needed medical equipment. Thanks to our very generous sponsors we have been able to provide the Hospitals with the above Trauma Centers and equipment worth € 2.235.298,48.


A few years ago we began a program to educate children on trauma prevention. We visit schools and talk to children, teachers and parents on how to prevent accidents from happening. To date we have spoken to 46.614 children and 3.090 teachers and parents. We have also published brochures on: "Safety at School ", "Safety at Home", "Prevention of Burns", "Road Safety" "Respect the Animals" and many more which we distribute to the children and parents we meet. We also send these informative booklets to schools in areas of Greece that we cannot visit, and of course they can be found in all the big Paediatric Hospitals.
Another part of this program is the publication of articles, in all the major newspapers and magazines, around holiday times on children's safety and tips on what to be careful of and how to prevent accidents from happening.

Seminars for Doctors, Nurses and Ambulance Paramedics - "Medical Seminars Program Leonidas Georgopoulos"

We partly finance the Advanced Paediatric Life Support seminars held for surgeons. We have also decided to partly finance a special program every year for Ambulance paramedics.

Trauma Registry

In 2007-2008 with the support of the Greek Ministry of Health (and a partial funding, by the Ministry, of the pilot study) we undertook a feasibility study of a Paediatric Trauma Registry in Greece. This was the first and only time such a study was undertaken, and to date remains the only available information on Paediatric Trauma in this country.

Information about our Board of Directors and Scientific Team:

Members of the Board of ''Pediatric Trauma Care'' are:

President: Natasha Clive-Vrecossis

Vice President: Michalis Sarris, MD (Paediatrician-neonatologist)

General Secretary: Maria Sofianopoulou

Treasurer: Olympia Pliatsikouri

Member: George-Ippokratis Klimis

Scientific Team in our organization is:

- Emeritus Professor George Chroussos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Medicine. Director, University Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health and Precision Medicine,
- Professor George Briassoulis, School of Health Sciences, University of Crete (Director of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in the ''PAGNI'' University General Hospital of Irakleion),
- Assistant Professor Athanasios Kaditis, (Assistant Professor of Paediatrics and Paediatric Pulmonology in the 1st Paediatric Clinic of Athens University Hospital "Aghia Sophia"),
- Assistant Professor Panagiotis Agouridakis (Director of the Trauma Center in the ''PAGNI'' University General Hospital of Irakleion),
- Mr. Constantinos Velaoras, MD (Paediatric Surgeon in Pentelis Children's Hospital),
- Mr. George Spyridis, MD (Paediatric Surgeon in "Aglaia Kyriakou" Children's Hospital),
- Mrs. Aristea Patsoura, MD (PICU Director in "Aglaia Kyriakou" Children's Hospital) ,
- Mr. Dimitrios Pyrros, MD (Director of the Ambulance Medical Services, ''EKAV'')
- Mr. George Triantos, MD( PhD, Director of the 1st Surgical Department, ''Andreas Papandreou'' General Hospital in Rhodes)
- Mrs. Maria Pavlidou, (Director of the Paediatric Department at Karpenisi General Hospital)
- Mrs.Despoina Iordanidou, (Paediatric Anesthetist Consultant G.H. Thessaloniki Hippokrateio Senior Instructor- Course Director of Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course (APLS) of Northern Greece)

Latest news

  • Announcement for the General Hospital - Health Center of Karystos

    karystos ekso

    It is our great pleasure to inform you that we have equipped the 28th Trauma Center in Greece, in the General Hospital - Health Center of Karystos, with funds provided by an Anonymous Donor.

  • Current Requests

    ameses englishPlease find here attached a list of the requirements of medical equipment for the Paediatric Departments of Hospitals, for the program ‘’Training of Medical and Nursing Staff in Paediatric Trauma Care and also for the program ‘’Education on Trauma Prevention’’.